NHL Playoffs 2011: Ranking All 30 NHL Teams Goal Horns and Songs

Joe Favia@joe_faviaCorrespondent IIMay 13, 2011

NHL Playoffs 2011: Ranking All 30 NHL Teams Goal Horns and Songs

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    The thrill of an NHL goal is one of the most exhilarating and exciting things to experience in sports as a fan.

    Unlike, football, baseball and basketball, hockey's points are usually few and far between, and when they occur, they are celebrated with unparalleled enthusiasm.

    So I have ranked the best goal horns and songs of each of the NHL teams based on my summation of unique nature, ability to excite the fans and overall quality.

    I understand that my ear's might be deceiving me, so let me know if a song has been updated since I made this list, and I will attempt to rectify the situation and the rankings.

    Please feel free to bring your own opinions of the best in the league because each celebration is obviously important to the fan bases.

30. Edmonton Oilers

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    Unfortunately for the team of the decade in the 1980's, they take the cake as having the worst post-goal celebration in the league.

    But, unlike their poor performing real life team, they cannot be bailed out by the lottery. They will have to solve this problem themselves.

    The goal horn is extremely annoying, and the song that plays after is just as bad. It is generic and un-inspiring. Hopefully Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall will have something better next year for their numerous goals.

29. Colorado Avalanche

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    The low pitch goal horn is decent enough. But, the bland and outdone Gary Glitter song Rock n' Roll Part 2 follows (you will hear this song a few times on this list).

    I simply feel that this goal celebration is too modest for the good people of Denver. They did have one of the great hockey teams in the world for near a decade in the late '90s into the 2000s. It is time they updated things in the Pepsi Center.

28. Toronto Maple Leafs

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    The horn is loud and proud. A middle of the pack horn in the league from one of the proudest franchise's that the sport has to offer.

    The expectations are grand, but it simply goes into Zombie Nation. This "Original Six" team should have something more identifiable for their team. They are held to a higher standard then others because the Hall of Fame is in fact located in Toronto.

27. Ottawa Senators

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    Not to pile it on to the Senators franchise, which had a miserable year in 2010-11, but they do not deserve to be any higher.

    Not only was I unable to locate a better quality video that included a horn, but they use one of the Blur's Song 2 which is common place in the National Hockey League landscape. It seems like Ottawa is slowly becoming "Hockey Siberia," and this does not help.

26. New York Islanders

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    I did not put this one lower because I am not sure of a couple of things.

    1. I'm assuming this song has been changed to anything else.

    2. I can't believe this song is used to celebrate a professional teams goal.

    I just can't seem thousands at an arena becoming unglued after a John Tavares goal to this awkward mess.

25. Montreal Canadiens

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    Visually it is a sight to see when the Habs score and the Centre Bell is going nuts in the sea of red. But, the techno re-mix of U2's Vertigo did not win me over.

    Like the Maple Leafs, the Canadiens above all else are held to the top standards. One look at the uniform or the rafters at one of their games is enough to send chills down any hockey fans back. They need the post-goal pageantry to match.

24. Tampa Bay Lightning

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    Opposing teams have had to get used to hearing this over and over again this season. With the likes of Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos and Vincent Lecavalier, it is hard to keep the Lightning off the score sheet.

    The horn ranks in my top 10 easily with a thunderous boom that matches the team's likeness. But, the overdone song doesn't stand out.

23. Dallas Stars

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    The Stars have not switched this one up in, well maybe never since coming to Big D.

    If something is not broken, why fix it may be the team's attitude, but you must be awful sick of hearing this song by now, right?

22. Pittsburgh Pengiuns

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    The background sounds of a Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin slapper is Blur's Song 2. One of the songs that defined the rock scene of the 1990s, Blur never had the big hit after that one.

    Perhaps with a new stadium and one of the most consistent teams in the league, the Pens could think about switching the song up next season when their captain returns.

21. Anaheim Ducks

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    Let the debate begin!

    Some may say that Bro Hymn by Pennywise that is played by the Ducks when they score a goal at the pond is among the best.

    The horn is difficult to argue with. It crushes the souls of the other team and is among the best in that category. The heavy metal nature of the song is off-putting for some and is a rally cry for others.

20. Columbus Blue Jackets

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    The cannon, AC/DC, and a myriad of other songs that are played when Rick Nash and the Blue Jackets light the lamp are all very good features that CBJ give, but the horn just doesn't do anything for me.

    Perhaps it would be easier to raise the Blue Jackets on the list if they were a playoff contender from time to time, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon.

19. Florida Panthers

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    The Panthers have alot of good things happening. The problem is that is not occurring on the ice. Randy Moller delivers in the booth, the weather is usually second to none, but the wins and fans just aren't there.

    The horn and "cat sounds" along with Zombie Nation would be really be neat to see if it were in a playoff game or a full building. Perhaps next season the Panthers will do it.

18. Washington Capitals

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    The siren and 20,000 people in red have become the nightmares for Eastern Conference goalies over the past five years.

    Unfortunately, the siren and Song 2 by Blur usually do not have extended stays in the playoffs as the Caps cannot seem to get over the hump. Alex Ovechkin's goals are neat with the siren and horn which brings this one up on the list.

17. New Jersey Devils

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    Pretty decent goal horn to say the least. Definitely gets you going. The chorus of "You Suck" by the Jersey faithful brings a bit of personality to celebration.

    A lot of other teams use the same song, but only one sticks out.

16. Philadelphia Flyers

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    One of the newer entrants into the list is the Flyers use of the song DOOP.

    While I think that it is an easily indentifiable song for the team and is catchy everytime you hear it, I'm not entirely sure it fits the Philly attitude. This seems like a European soccer song more than a Philadelphia "Broad Street Bullies" song.

    Overall, I like the Flyers horn and think this theme can have some staying power. It just needs some time to get used too.

15. Detroit Red Wings

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    "Hockeytown: may be the only place where a song off of Jock Jams would work and could work. They have used Kid Rock among other songs at different times, but this one seems to be the best.

    I am not the biggest fan of the horn. Though it is in part because I am a Blackhawk fan that is used to the sound of it having negative connotations in my mind. But, it still is an above average goal celebration.

14. Boston Bruins

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    The B's are riding this theme throughout this 2011 postseason with a fury.

    Zombie Nation may be a commonplace theme, but the Bruins seem to make it work real well. After a Zdeno Chara 100 MPH slapper, nothing could sound better.

13. Calgary Flames

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    One of the keys to any goal song that will get it points on my list is if it ties in well with the team in general.

    AC/DC is the classic sport theme band. Whether it's Back in Black, Thunderstruck, or Hells Bells, that bad knows how to make a catchy anthem. Shot Down in Flames is another example.

    The Flames have used this song for close to a decade, and it has been heard in many playoff games since.

12. Atlanta Thrashers

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    This was more of a sympathy selection. The Atlanta Thrashers might not be the Atlanta Thrashers for much longer, so I gave the few Thrashers fans out there a little bit of consolation in being relatively high on this list.

    The horn is a darn good one, and the use of Zombie Nation is never a bad thing. My only wish would have been for them to stay true to their Southern traditions and have something more home-oriented.

11. Phoenix Coyotes

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    Another team that might not be having an extended stay in their current city is the Phoenix Coyotes.

    Phoenix has been one of the best Western Conference teams for the past several seasons, and the Black Keys song Howlin for You is perfect for the 'Yotes. The "howling" in the background is an especially nice touch as well.

10. Buffalo Sabres

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    A passionate hockey town, Buffalo has one of the best horns in the league bar none.

    The sirens and Blur's Song 2 work well for the Sabres. Though they surely are not the only team that uses this song, it doesn't put them far down on the list.

9. Carolina Hurricanes

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    One of the most creative on the list.

    Another team that uses Blur's Song 2. They made it their own with the likes of Homer Simpson, Fred Flinstone, Adam Sandler, Chewbacca and none other than the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (North Carolina's own).

    The Canes' own little spin make it one of the better goal themes in the league and are highly anticipated events when Eric Staal or Jeff Skinner net some goals.

8. Nashville Predators

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    No team embraces their own sense of self-identity like the Nashville Predators. Sure they use the commonly used Gary Glitter song, but they open with what they are known for which is country.

    Tim McGraw's I Like It, I Love It was especially made for the Predators as seen in the music video he provided for the team. Other places like Atlanta do not use this, but the Preds nail it.

    Nashville easily makes the top 10 with their originality.

7. Vancouver Canucks

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    Commonly heard on your television set this season for many hockey fans is Green Day's Holiday. This has most certainly become an anthem for these Canucks and is now what comes to mind for many people when they think of this team or hear this song.

    The way things are going it could be the first song heard when the Canucks finally get over the hump and capture the Cup.

6. Los Angeles Kings

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    The piercing horn really grabs your attention right away. And, Los Angeles certainly is known for being a place where attention is always a commodity that is around.

    The feel good Randy Newman song I Love L.A. gets the crowd into it, and everyone knows it in Tinsletown. Anze Kopitar has emerged as a star, and it could be a song that many hockey fans hear alot of for the next several seasons.

5. San Jose Sharks

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    In what is one of the classic themes it may come as a surpise to some that I have the Sharks ranked in the top five in the rankings.

    If you have ever seen the "Shark Tank" after a big goal in the playoffs this old school approach to goal celebrating is a throw back, but I think it is one of the best. The horn is perfect as it lifts up the San Jose fans, and the low bass is the ultimate rejection for the opposition.

4. Minnesota Wild

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    Joe Santriani's Crowd Chant is really one of the better song to get fans on their feet and keep them there after a big goal by the Wild.

    The passion shown by the Minnesota fans has been clearly evident since the state was restored a NHL team a decade ago. This song exudes that passion in a small measure, and it should be continued for some time.

3. New York Rangers

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    No other team has a song that was specifically made for them when they score a goal. The Rangers alone have that honor.

    It was given to them the night that they raised the 1994 Stanley Cup champions banner. It was written by Ray Castoldi and has become apart of "Blueshirts" tradition. This listing doesn't even include the "victory song" that the team has.

2. St. Louis Blues

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    I am a sucker for tradition, and this one just might take the cake.

    They have used it since coming into the league in 1967. When the Saints Go Marching In being played on the organ is unique in the advanced technology era and is refreshing in its own right. But, in the old days the fans would be known to sing, "Oh when the Cup comes to St. Loo/ Oh when the Cup comes to St. Loo/ Oh Lord I want to be in that number/ When the Blues come marching in."

    Let's hope that the Cup comes eventually to the STL.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

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    Call it the homer pick of homer picks. I think that the top horn in all the National Hockey League is located in the United Center.

    Chelsea Dagger as the unofficial theme for the Blackhawks has taken a life of its own in Chicago and can be heard in any bar or street corner anywhere.

    There are a lot of different candidates for the top spot.

    Who do you think it should be?