Toronto Maple Leafs: Last Chance for Brian Burke

Sean PaddisonCorrespondent IMay 9, 2011

Well this is it, it's now or never!
Well this is it, it's now or never!Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

So, another summer, another Leafs prognosis.

Brian Burke has had his development time now. He's been able to rid the team of all the moldy peaches and now has an uncontaminated core to work with.

Now, all he needs is a little insurance as far as another goal scorer and a proper centre man for Kessel.

With a potential bumper crop of young power forwards coming available this summer, Burke will probably get his two missing pieces, then it will be time to deliver or pack his bags. Ron Wilson's future will also of course be tied into Brian Burke's success.

Just making the playoffs will be enough to keep their jobs next summer.

Goaltending may be the saviour or Judas for Burke this coming season.

Also, strangely enough, a slow start to the season might be just what this next Leafs squad might need to build character and momentum enough to make the playoffs.

Fast starts have proven to be more harmful for Leafs teams of recent past.

The three existing players that may factor largely in the Leafs success would be Kadri, Reimer and Phaneuf.  If they all stay on track from where they ended the season, then MLSE will be selling playoff tickets next spring.

If two of them fall short, it could result in a domino effect throughout the entire team and end with a new coach and GM next summer.

I guess only time will tell.