Patrick Roy and the 25 Best Goalie Fights in Hockey History

April WeinerCorrespondent IMay 2, 2011

Patrick Roy and the 25 Best Goalie Fights in Hockey History

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    Fighting is a unique aspect of hockey. It is an exciting aspect of hockey.

    There are few fights that are more entertaining than a goalie fight.

    This past season, we were treated to multiple fights from Penguins goaltender Brent Johnson, as well as a fight between Carey Price and Tim Thomas.

    Here are the best goalie fights in hockey history.

25. Neal Little Versus Binghamton Senators

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    During a brawl in a Philadelphia Phantoms-Binghamton Senators game, Phantoms goaltender Neal Little wants to get in on the action.

    So he literally jumps right in.

    Not sure what that accomplished, but it was the thought that counts.

24. Brandon Hope Versus Dalton McGrath

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    OHL goalie fight between the Sarnia Sting and Niagara Ice Dogs.

    Goaltenders Brandon Hope and Dalton McGrath go at it.

    Hope needs to work on his punching technique.

    Or not, since goalies don't fight that often.

23. Linden Rowat Versus Tyler Bunz

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    During a WHL game between the Lethbridge Hurricanes and Medicine Hat Tigers, players take turns getting into fights.

    Finally, it's the goaltenders' turn.

    They meet in center ice for a pretty good bout.

22. Mark Laforest Versus Sean Burke

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    Mark Laforest really wants a piece of Sean Burke.

    He goes for it but is quickly separated by the linesman.

    However, he finally gets his fight a few minutes later.

21. Rick DiPietro Versus Al Montoya

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    Rick DiPietro wants to fight Al Montoya during this line brawl.

    Montoya is happy to oblige and beat DiPietro to the ground.

20. Byron Dafoe Versus Olaf Kolzig

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    Byron Dafoe is looking for a fight from anyone. Olaf Kolzig is too.

    Naturally, the two eventually find each other to fight.

19. Miikka Kiprusoff Versus Tomas Vokoun

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    Miikka Kiprusoff and Tomas Vokoun engage each other in this goalie fight.

    A lot of just holding on to one another, but they manage to stay on their feet the entire time.


18. Pasi Nurminen Versus Ty Conklin

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    Pasi Nurminen and Ty Conklin go at it in this goalie fight.

    Both seem to tire before the end of the fight.

17. Carey Price Versus Tim Thomas

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    Fighting is contagious apparently.

    We were treated to a Carey Price and Tim Thomas fight this year.

    Not an experienced fight, but not bad.

16. Brent Johnson Versus Michael Haley

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    One of the more memorable moments of the past season was the massive brawl between the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Islanders' Michael Haley fights Penguins' Max Talbot before taking on Pens' goaltender Brent Johnson.

    He gets to take on Eric Goddard as well, who comes off the bench to help his goaltender.

15. Brent Johnson Versus Rick DiPietro

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    Brent Johnson only needed one punch to knock Rick DiPietro down.

    Unfortunately, everything hit the fan the next time the two teams faced each other.

14. Ron Hextall Versus Alain Chevrier

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    Ron Hextall and Alain Chevrier are tenacious in this fight.

    They go down but get back up, ready to go at it again.

13. Glen Hanlon Versus Phil Myre

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    (Goalie fight at 3:07 mark)

    Once Glen Hanlon maneuvers out of the second Philadelphia Flyer's reach, he lays a beating on Phil Myre.

12. Dan Cloutier Versus Steve Passmore

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    Dan Cloutier gave Steve Passmore a beating.

    It looked like a few other Blackhawks wanted a piece of Cloutier, and he would have been happy to oblige, but the linesmen prevented that.

11. Curtis Joseph Versus Tim Cheveldae

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    Tim Cheveldae was a third man in on a fight.

    Then, Curtis Joseph engages Cheveldae.

10. Byron Dafoe Versus Patrick Lalime

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    Byron Dafoe versus Patrick Lalime.

    Dafoe takes this fight easily.

9. Felix Potvin Versus Jani Hurme

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    Felix Potvin and Jani Hurme go at it during this fight.

    Hurme is whacking Potvin with a gloved hand, until his teammates on the bench help him out of his glove.

    I’ve never seen anything like that before, and I’m sure I never will again.

8. Corey Schwab Versus Tommy Soderstrom

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    Corey Schwab is a much better fighter than Tommy Soderstrom.

    Schwab lays the smackdown on Soderstrom in this fight.

7. Ray Emery Versus Josh Gratton

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    One of the few goaltender versus skater fights.

    Ray Emery beats Josh Gratton.

    Emery really enjoys fighting, as evidenced by his post-fight celebration.

6. Garth Snow Versus Steve Shields

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    Garth Snow and Steve Shields are so determined to fight each other that they'll just fight over the linesman if they have to.

    Eventually, he has the good sense to step out of the way and let the two go.

5. Dan Cloutier Versus Tommy Salo

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    Dan Cloutier gives Tommy Salo a beating in this goalie fight.


    The taunting of the Islanders bench is a nice finishing touch.

4. Ray Emery Versus Marty Biron and Andrew Peters

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    It's very rare that a goaltender has more than one fight in a season or career.

    It is even rarer that a goaltender engages in two fights in one game, back-to-back.

    First, Ray Emery takes on Marty Biron. Then, he takes on Andrew Peters.

    Looks like Emery enjoyed every moment. We did too.

3. Patrick Roy Versus Chris Osgood

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    You would be hard-pressed to find a goalie fight that would be that good or last that long nowadays.

    Pretty amazing.

2. Felix Potvin Versus Ron Hextall

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    Goalies used to be a lot tougher than they are today.

    Here is Felix Potvin and Ron Hextall's lengthy bout.

1. Patrick Roy Versus Mike Vernon

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    There is a massive brawl in this Colorado Avalanche-Detroit Red Wings game.

    Goaltenders Patrick Roy and Mike Vernon drop the gloves too.