NHL Power Rankings: Top 10 Hockey Stars Who Would Have Rocked Another Pro Sport

Charlie WeinmanContributor IIIApril 27, 2011

NHL Power Rankings: Top 10 Hockey Stars Who Would Have Rocked Another Pro Sport

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    When the superstars of the NHL were young kids, they dreamed of playing professional hockey and to someday hoist the Stanley Cup. For some of these stars, their dream of becoming a world champion came true.

    To play in the NHL, you must be in great condition and be an amazing athlete. There are a ton of superstars in the NHL that could play other sports. We know this because we see what they do in their games. Think about it. These athletes are excelling in their sport by playing on ice. Just think what they could do off of their skates.

    Let's take a look at the top 10 hockey stars that could play professionally in a different sport.

Sidney Crosby

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    Everyone who watches sports knows that Sidney Crosby is a phenomenal athlete. He is a Stanley Cup champ, a gold medal winner and an owner of many of trophies.

    Sport He Would Rock: Baseball

    Crosby played baseball in high school. 

Alex Ovechkin

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    Alex Ovechkin is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NHL. His skill, passion for the game and his celebrations that seems like he just scored the game-winning goal in the Stanley Cup Final make Ovechkin a fan favorite around the NHL.

    Sport He Would Rock: Golf

    Ovechkin was born an athlete. His dad was a former soccer player and as a kid his parents would send him out to fields or parks and have him play sports.

    Apparently this was Ovechkin's first time stepping foot on the golf course. It didn't take him long to find success. He accomplished something that most people who play golf their entire life are not able to say that they have done. Ovie scored an ace on a hole; however, I am very confident he is going to stay on the ice. I wouldn't plan on seeing him at Augusta or Pebble Beach anytime soon.

Zdeno Chara

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    Zdeno Chara is the tallest player in the NHL. At 6'9'', Chara looks down to everyone in the league. The tall defenseman won the Norris Trophy for the 2008-2009 season. His father was a Greco-Roman wrestler, so being tough is in his genes.

    Sport He Would Rock: Basketball

    The average height of a player in the NBA is 6'7''. With a two-inch advantage over the average NBA player, Chara would find great success in the NBA. Just look how he skies over his teammates. As a kid, his coaches insisted him to pursue basketball, but he followed his heart onto the ice. The Celtics don't really need another big man, so count on Zdeno to continue manning the blue line for the Bruins.

Matt Cooke

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    Matt Cooke is a Stanley Cup champion who is known for being an "enforcer" or "pest" that easily aggravates players on the opposing team. He is recently famous for his brutal hits he lays on other teams.

    Sport He Would Rock: Football

    By no means am I promoting these types of hits in the NHL, but just look at the hit he lays on Bogosian. If that doesn't tell you he could play football, then go on YouTube and look at more of his hits. He would be a defensive coordinator's dream come true and an opposing quarterback's worst nightmare. I can see him lining up to play cornerback for anyone. I'm sure Mike Tomlin and the Steelers would love to have him.

Tim Thomas

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    Tim Thomas is one of the best goalies in the NHL. He was on the USA Olympic team and a three-time All-Star. He is known for making outstanding saves and keeping pucks out of the net for Boston.

    Sport He Would Rock: Baseball

    Tim Thomas is great at blocking shots and using his glove. He quickly covers all areas of the net and continuously robs his opponents of goals. I guarantee that he would make a great catcher in baseball. He would be great at blocking balls in the dirt and saving many balls that might end up at the backstop.

Nathan Gerbe

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    Nathan Gerbe is used to looking up to people. He models his game after Martin St. Louis, because he is also a short player who finds great success in the league. At 5'5'', Gerbe is the shortest player in the NHL.

    Sport He Would Rock: Horse Racing

    The average height of a horse jockey is 5'3''. A two-inch increase wouldn't make that big of an impact on a race. I could see Gerbe on top of a race horse. The 5'5'' American had a great season for Buffalo, so I imagine he continues to play hockey. It may not be fair to put him in a picture up against the tallest player in the NHL, but it is a funny sight.

Brenden Morrow

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    Brendan Morrow has been a solid player for the Dallas Stars since 2000. He had another fine year this season, scoring 33 goals and finishing with 56 points.

    Sport He Would Rock: Soccer

    Brendan Morrow has had numerous occasions where referees have disallowed his goals because of apparent kicking motions. Here is one of many videos on YouTube where Morrow scores, but the goal is disallowed. I have a feeling he would be good at collecting the trash in front of a soccer goal in the MLS.

Dan Carcillo

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    Dan Carcillo is known for being one of the best fighters in the NHL.

    Sport He Would Rock: Boxing

    For only being 5'11'', Dan Carcillo has one heck of a punch. Being one of the best fighters in hockey, Carcillo would have an easy transition to the boxing ring. I am confident it would be a lot easier, having to not be on skates and all.

Martin St. Louis

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    Martin St. Louis is one of the fastest skaters in the NHL. At 5'10'', St. Louis has an easy time blowing by defensemen. 

    Sport He Would Rock: Track

    Martin St. Louis would be perfect to run track. He is short, only weighs 176 pounds and, most importantly, is fast. Just look at the video where he collects the puck at center ice and then blows by Pittsburgh's defense. St. Louis would find great success track.

Sean Avery

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    Sean Avery has been in the NHL since 2001. The 31-year-old left winger just finished his fifth season with the New York Rangers.

    Sport He Would Rock: Diving

    Sean Avery is known for diving. He has drawn several penalties for diving after very small contact. That is his reputation around the league. So I figured, Sean is so good at diving on ice, he would be good at diving into water.