2011 NHL Playoffs Are Here: A Lack of Respect Can't Dampen Fans Spirit

Len TaylorContributor IApril 13, 2011

The Stanley Cup courtesy: Getty Images
The Stanley Cup courtesy: Getty ImagesJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The NHL playoffs are just hours away!

But most of America is unaware of this fact. The lack of mainstream media coverage is distasteful.

Unless you have Vs. and/or the NHL Network, your television coverage is nearly non-existent.

NBC is on board. But to them the NHL playoffs seem to be an afterthought.

Unlike every other major sport, every playoff game will NOT be available for hockey fans viewing pleasure.

Mainstream sports talk shows, highlight shows and networks in general would rather focus on the Heat, Yankees, Tiger Woods, sports court TV, and scandals than actually covering a great playoffs featuring players who rarely wind up involved in scandals or on the police blotter.

NHL players are upstanding citizens and real role models off ice.

It seems to me that most American sports fans exhibit a touch of subconscious bigotry when it comes to hockey.

Unless the Miracle on Ice is mentioned, hockey is a non-factor. They tend to see it as Canada's game.

That is a crime against a great sport played by some of the most skilled and talented athletes on the planet.

Open minded and true hockey fans understand and appreciate these facts. If you are not a hockey fan or are a casual fan, I encourage you to give the NHL playoffs an honest chance, if you can find a game on air!

You will be won over by the game.

Okay my rant is over. Let's drop the puck and play some hockey on the passionate road to claim the Stanley Cup!

Good luck, your team!

My Stanley Cup prediction: Detroit over Boston in six games.