TNA Lockdown: One Year Later, Where Are They Now?

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 10, 2011

TNA Lockdown: One Year Later, Where Are They Now?

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    Last year, Lockdown was good. This year, Lockdown is going to be better.

    Looking at the card and seeing certain wrestlers make me flashback to last year's Lockdown and think about where they were then as opposed to now.

    Some wrestlers succeed and continued to find success. Others slowly fell down hill and off radar in TNA or just got tied up in other business.

    This is Lockdown: one year later. I'll check out last year's card and compare it to this year's and discuss where the wrestlers are at heading into this year's Lockdown.

RVD vs. James Storm

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    Since Lockdown 2010 both, RVD and James Storm, have found success.

    James Storm became TNA Tag Team Champion with his partner, Robert Roode. They have been members of Fortune since.

    RVD has found success. He feuded with EV2 member, Tommy Dreamer then TNA newcomer at the time Matt Hardy. At first he had a rough time getting back to the main event level, but now he is main eventing Lockdown.

    Lockdown 2010: Both men wrestled two matches. First against each other for the man advantage then again in the Lethal Lockdown match. RVD won both matches. Storm lost both matches.

    Lockdown 2011: Storm is going into another Lethal Lockdown match against Immortal. RVD is getting a World title match against Sting and Mr. Anderson. 

Homicide vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Brian Kendrick

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    Bet you can't find Kurt Angle

    Due to Doug Williams' absence, TNA put Alex Shelley, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin and Homicide in a number one contenders match. The winner would join Kazarian and Shannon Moore in a match for the X Division title.

    Homicide would win this match and join Kaz and Moore.



     He won the four way match, but lost the title match later that night. After Lockdown Homicide gained a suspicion towards Suicide and finding out who he was. He found out who Suicide was but never told anyone. He beat Suicide for the X Division title.

    On January 4, Homicide won an Ultimate X TerrorDome match. The win wouldn't help him at all as he would disappear from TNA for a while. Soon enough he was released from TNA. He now wrestles independent scenes and Ring of Honor.

    Lockdown 2010: Four way number one contenders match and three way X Division title match

    Lockdown 2011: Nothing. No longer with TNA


    Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley:

     The Motorcity Machine Guns shared their success since Lockdown 2010. They won the TNA Tag Team titles and had an awesome feud with Beer Money and Generation Me.

    They are both going to Lockdown 2011.

    Lockdown 2010: Four way number one contenders match

    Lockdown 2011: Ultimate Xcape match


    Brian Kendrick:

     Kendrick has been rarely used in TNA. His gimmick keeps getting weirder and weirder. He hasn't had any big wins since Lockdown 2010.

    Kendrick was on iMPACT! last week. He teamed with Sabin and Suicide to beat Genertaion Me and Robbie E.

    Lockdown 2010: Four way number one contenders match

    Lockdown 2011: Ultimate Xcape match


Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

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    Neither man really went anywhere big in TNA after Lockdown 2010. They kept their status quo in TNA. Nash would defeat EY that night, then announce that he would join Scott Hall in a St. Louis Street Fight against Team 3D.


    Kevin Nash:

     After Lockdown 2010, Kevin Nash and The Band continued their reign as Tag Team Champions. The Band lost Sean Waltman but gained a new member in Eric Young. The Band was forced to vacate the titles after problems Scott Hall had.

    Nash told EY that The Band was over and there's nothing he can do. Nash walked away from TNA.

    He returned to a WWE ring at Royal Rumble in January of this year. He is still under a legends contract with the WWE.


    Eric Young:

     Eric Young went down hill after Lockdown 2010. Young wrestled as a heel until he took a fall on his head on an edition of Xplosion. After the fall EY turned to a fan favorite again.

    He started teaming up with Orlando Jordan shortly after his face turn. The two mostly wrestled on Xplosion and are going to Lockdown this year.

    Lockdown 2011: Four way tag team match

The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love and Tara

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    At Lockdown 2010 all the women's titles were on the line. The Beautiful People won after Lacey Von Erich hit Love with a title belt for the knockout and the win. Madison Rayne scored the pinfall and won the Knockouts title.


    Angelina Love:

     Angelina got injured shortly after Lockdown. When she returned her mission was to take out The Beautiful People and regain her Knockouts title.

    She returned and slowly but surely took out every member of the Beautiful People except for the champion herself, Madison Rayne. Love beat Rayne to win the Knockouts title for the fifth time. Shortly after, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love reunited as the Beautiful People this time as a face.

    Love lost the title at Bound For Glory and has been dealing with other business since.

    Winter started a strange obsession with Angelina and the two were the Knockout Tag Team Champions for some time. Winter has kept Angelina away from Velvet and drugged Angelina to make her almost like a zombie.

    Lockdown 2011: Nothing


    Velvet Sky:

     She would become a follower of Madison Rayne's shortly after Lockdown. The group had growing problems amongst them and Velvet and Madison kept fighting. When Angelina returned, the two reformed The Beautiful People.

    Velvet had a short feud with Sarita and now is going to start a feud with Winter, fighting to free Angelina from Winter.

    Lockdown 2011: Nothing



     Tara turned heel after Lockdown. When Madison was champion, Tara put her career on the line in a match. Tara lost and was gone from TNA.

    She made her return as the mystery "biker chick." She helped Rayne win and keep the Knockouts title since the iMPACT! after Bound For Glory.

    She has been Rayne's personal bodyguard and employee since her return. She had a great main event cage match with Mickie James on iMPACT!

    Lockdown 2011: Nothing


    Madison Rayne:

     Madison had on and off feuds with Angelina Love.

    Madison lost a title match at Bound For Glory to Tara, who Rayne got her job back for. The following iMPACT! Tara laid down for Rayne and she's been champion ever since.

    She defeated numerous challengers. ODB, Roxxi, Alissa Flash, Mickie James, et cetera. She is the "Queen of the Knockouts Division."

    She is in a feud with number one contender Mickie James right now.

    Lockdown 2011: Knockouts title match against Mickie James

Kazarian vs. Douglas Williams vs. Shannon Moore

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    This is a match that never happened. Douglas Williams couldn't make Lockdown because of the volcanic eruptions last year. He was forced to vacate the title.


    Douglas Williams:

      Since Lockdown 2010, Williams has done good for himself. He won his X Division title back from Kazarian shortly after Kazarian won it at Lockdown. He lost the X Division title but won the TV title. He feuded with AJ Styles for a little bit before losing the title to Abyss in January. He has rarely been seen on iMPACT! until last week. 

    It seems like he and Magnus are reforming The British Invasion.

    Lockdown 2011: Four way tag team match with Magnus as his partner.



     After Lockdown 2010, Kazarian lost the title back to Williams and was then trying hard to impress Ric Flair who was starting to recruit people for Fortune. 

    Kaz eventually did impress the Nature Boy and was in Fortune. Kazarian won the X Division title back in January and held it ever since.

    Lockdown 2011: Lethal Lockdown match against Immortal.


    Shannon Moore:

    Shannon has been having a tough time since Lockdown 2010. He started a tag team with Jesse Neal called Ink Inc. Their team received their first title shot over the summer but lost. They have been vaguely seen on iMPACT after that loss. When they did return to iMPACT! Brother Ray was quick to notice and feuded with Neal.

    Ink Inc has been so close to winning tag team titles but fell short in every effort. Their latest chance at Victory Road ended in defeat and started a little drama between the two. Moore is turning heel and Jesse is still face.

    Lockdown 2011: Four way tag team match.

The Band vs. Team 3D

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    This was a St. Louis Street fight that Team 3D won. Syxx-Pac was not at Lockdown and was replaced by fellow Band member, Kevin Nash. Scott Hall, Syxx-Pac and Nash are no longer with TNA. Team 3D is still in TNA.


    Bully Ray:

     Team 3D announced their final match would be against the Motorcity Machine Guns at Turning Point. The following night when the team was saying their final goodbyes, Ray turned heel and attacked Devon. After the attack, Ray developed a new character/gimmick: Bully Ray. The two would feud for a long time with Bully Ray coming out more successful.

    Bully Ray lost to Tommy Dreamer at Victory Road and the following iMPACT! joined Immortal. Since then, Bully Ray injured Fortune's AJ Styles and is preparing for Lockdown this year.

    Lockdown 2011: Lethal Lockdown against Fortune



     Following Bully Ray's heel turn, the two former partners started to feud. They fought at Against All Odds and Devon cost Ray his match at Victory Road.

    After their feud, Devon aligned himself with Matt Morgan in fighting Mexican America. Devon teamed with Morgan in a losing effort against Hernandez and Anarquia. Last iMPACT!, Devon tried to gain retribution against Mexican America as he teamed with Tommy Dreamer in another losing effort.

    Lockdown 2011: Nothing

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

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    This was the match of the night at Lockdown 2010, maybe even match of the year. Angle and Anderson put on one helluva show. It was a very heated, intense and personal feud between these two. The match was great and had amazing spots.


    Mr. Anderson:

     After Lockdown 2010, Anderson slowly turned face. He started teaming up with Jeff Hardy for a short time. Anderson and Hardy were involved in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship four way match (also involving Abyss and champ at the time, RVD). RVD walked away belt in hand still.

    When RVD was attacked by Abyss and Janice the world title was vacated. TNA started a tournament for the belt. Anderson defeated Jay Lethal to advance to the next round. In a semi-finals match Anderson beat Pope to move into the finals at Bound For Glory.

    Anderson lost at Bound For Glory and started a feud with new champion Jeff Hardy and Immortal. Anderson had countless attempts at the World title but to no avail, until Genesis that is.

    He defeated Matt Morgan in a number one contenders match and had his title match the same night, which he won. His first reign was a fluke as he held the belt for about 30 days and since been obsessed with getting his rematch.

    He and RVD went back and forth fighting for number one contendership against the champion, Sting. With neither man winning, TNA made them both number one contenders.

    Lockdown 2011: Three way TNA World Heavyweight Championship match


    Kurt Angle:

     Angle had a similar run as Anderson. 

    After Lockdown, Kurt took some time off and when he returned, was gunning for the world title. Angle mowed through the TNA Top 10 Contenders list for a while until that Top 10 idea was ditched.

    Angle would fight Jeff Hardy in the tournament for the world title. Neither man won, so they both became contenders for the belt at Bound For Glory. Angle said if he loses he'll retire.

    Angle lost and was gone from TNA for a while. Angle returned to accept Jeff Jarrett's "Double M A" Challenges, which weren't wrestling matches.

    Angle has been feuding with Double J since mid January. This feud is great and what better place to end it than Lockdown?

    Lockdown 2011: Grudge match against Jeff Jarrett

The Pope vs. AJ Styles

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    Pope seemed to finally be on top of the mountain. He was in a world title match against the face of TNA. These two had a great match and some good spots in the match.


    The Pope:

     After losing at Lockdown, The Pope took time off for injury. When Pope returned he was lost to Anderson in the semi-finals of the world title tournament at No Surrender.

    Pope would team up with Sting and Nash going into Bound For Glory. After "THEY" were revealed, Pope turned face and kept fighting as Sting and Nash left. Pope kept getting beat by Immortal every week. He earned a shot at AJ Styles TV title but lost after interference by Abyss, which started a feud between the two.

    Pope lost to Abyss in a lumberjack match at Turning Point and in a casket match at Final Resolution.

    Pope turned heel when Samoa Joe revealed him to be a fraud. The two have been feuding since February. It's hard to believe that just a year ago Pope was fighting for the world title.

    Lockdown 2011: Grudge match against Samoa Joe 


    AJ Styles:

     AJ had a good long reign before and after Lockdown. He held the belt until the beginning of the summer until he dropped it to RVD.

    AJ quickly fell out of the world title hunt. He was too occupied with Flair and Fortune. Over the summer AJ and all of Fortune had trouble with Jay Lethal.

    AJ Styles defeated Rob Terry for the Global title and renamed it the TV title. AJ and Fortune then feuded with Tommy Dreamer and EV2 until Bound For Glory, where the two teams met in a Lethal Lockdown. Fortune lost that match and joined Immortal the following iMPACT!

    Fortune continued their feud with EV2 until every member was gone.

    On February 3rd, "THEY" were revealed to be the ones to stop Immortal. They were Fortune.

    AJ Styles would begin to rise to the main event level only to be injured by Bully Ray on iMPACT! AJ hasn't been seen since being powerbombed off the stage by Ray.

    Lockdown 2011: Sidelined. Injured and missing it.  

Lethal Lockdown: Team Hogan vs. Team Flair

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    Lethal Lockdown. Hogan vs. Flair. This match had good spots and Team Hogan came out victorious.



     After Lockdown, Sting would have a mini feud with Jeff Jarrett, then fight RVD in a losing effort for the World title. Sting kept feuding with Jarrett and spoke of a conspiracy about Hogan and Bischoff.

    He teamed with Nash and Pope and feuded with Jarrett and Samoa Joe. At Bound For Glory, Sting, Nash and Pope defeated Joe and Jarrett. Later that night, "THEY" were revealed and Sting's conspiracy was true, turning him face.

    He declined a spot in Immortal and he and Nash walked away from TNA.

    Sting made his surprise return to TNA on March 3rd and defeated Jeff Hardy for the World Championship. Sting defended the belt against Jeff at Victory Road and has been champion since March.

    Lockdown 2011: World Champion trying to defend his belt in a three way match


    Desmond Wolfe:

     After Lockdown, Wolfe was recruited to Fortune over the summer. He didn't last and was kicked out of the group when he lost to Jay Lethal.

    He vanished from TNA for some time but returned with Magnus, forming the team of London Brawling. The team would be in line for a title shot but Wolfe's injuries would prevent that from happening. Wolfe has been injured for a long time now.

    Lockdown 2011: Nothing



     Abyss was Hogan's number one man. Abyss was getting ready for a world title match at Victory Road against Anderson, Hardy and RVD. The iMPACT! before Victory Road, Abyss snapped and turned heel attacking everyone in the title match.

    He lost at Victory Road and spoke of "THEY" coming to take over TNA for the entire summer. He kidnapped Dixie Carter and Carter wanted to release Abyss from TNA. She signed the wrong papers which granted full control of TNA to Hogan and Bischoff.

    Abyss has been the muscle in Immortal. He won the TV title back in January but was injured in the same month by Crimson. Abyss made his return early last month and is ready for Lockdown.

    Lockdown 2011: Lethal Lockdown against Fortune


    Jeff Jarrett:

     After Lockdown Jarrett feuded with Sting. He even got Joe involved in his mess and had a match at Bound For Glory. Jarrett and Joe vs. Sting, Nash and Pope. Jarrett turned on Joe in this match and was revealed to be part of "THEY" later that evening.

    Since then Jarrett developed an MMA gimmick for December and January. His MMA gimmick ended right after Genesis when he cheated to beat Kurt Angle in an exhibition.

    Jarrett is in a heated feud with Angle right now.

    Lockdown 2011: Grudge match with Kurt Angle


    Jeff Hardy:

     Jeff would be part of the world title tournament after RVD's injuries. He and Angle kept going back and forth with neither man beating the other. TNA made both, Angle and Hardy, number one contenders at Bound For Glory.

    There Jeff Hardy cheated to win, turned heel and joined Immortal. Jeff made his own custom world title and defended it against Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson.

    Jeff lost the title to Anderson at Genesis but regained it at Against All Odds. Hardy lost the belt to Sting on March 3rd and lost his rematch at Victory Road. Hardy hasn't been seen since. He is mostly dealing with his personal issues right now.

    Lockdown 2011: Nothing


    For James Storm, Robert Roode and RVD check page two.

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    There you have it! That's where all the wrestlers are one year later. 

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