NHL: Bet on It; Marty Turco Bets Fan in Game Against Canadiens

Russ GodekContributor IIIApril 6, 2011

Turco accepts the original $5 bet
Turco accepts the original $5 bet

Well, here is a story for the ages.

As first heard on "Game Points with Matthew Ross" on Team 990", a fan called in to tell his story of how he bet Marty Turco at Tuesday's game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadiens.

Robert, a Canadiens season-ticket holder, told his story of the bet on the show and has since been shoved into his 15 minutes of fame.

After Michael Cammalleri put Montreal ahead 1-0 in the first period Tuesday night at the Bell Centre, he bet Chicago backup Marty Turco $5 that Chicago wouldn't score.

Turco took the bet.

Patrick Kane soon tied the game, and Robert passed a $5 bill through the glass to Turco with "Habs Rule" written on the money. Robert was able to convince Turco to continue their betting.

Soon going for double-or-nothing in the second period, and triple-or-nothing in the third. As the game went into OT, Robert gave Turco 5-to-1 odds that the Canadiens would come out on top.

After the Canadiens netted the game winning goal, Turco paid up. Turco handed Robert a wad of $5 bills, including the one he had won from Robert earlier.

Turco had crossed out the "Habs" in "Habs Rule" and wrote in "Turco Rules".

This story was validated by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Turco has shown in the past that he is a very fun-loving person, often pulling pranks and joking around while on the bench. He certainly provided entertainment while being mic'd at this year's All-Star Game in Dallas.

The NHL may have something to say about this, as there is a rule in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that explicitly states no betting on games shall occur.

Specifically, Exhibit 14.2 in the CBA: "Gambling on any NHL Game is prohibited."

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly wrote “We are following up to understand the circumstances, but no, I would not term it a formal investigation,” in an e-mail to Sporting News.

It's doubtful the NHL will make a big deal about this. It obviously did not influence the outcome of the game and was all in good fun.

In fact, the NHL should be happy with the result, even if they never admit it. This kind of fan interaction is great to see and would surely draw me to a game and get glass seats.

Turco sent season-ticket holder Robert home with a story he will remember forever. You can't put a price-tag on that kind of experience.

So in this matter, the NHL's ruling should be "boys will be boys" and let it be.

Turco, who came to the Blackhawks this season in free agency, has not started a game since February 11th.

Can you really blame him for trying to remain positive while he sits and watches as his team fights for playoff spot?

In this case, Turco really does rule.