Boston Bruins Recap: Team Shuts Down Canadiens in a 7-0 Victory

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Boston Bruins Recap: Team Shuts Down Canadiens in a 7-0 Victory
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The controversy surrounding the Boston vs. Montreal game last night had some of the biggest hype we’ve heard all season.

In their previous matchup, Zdeno Chara checked Montreal’s Max Pacioretty into the stanchion knocking him unconscious. Pacioretty suffered a severe concussion and fractured vertebrae.

Boston and Montreal fans can debate endlessly on whether or not Chara’s hit was intentional, or whether or not it was suspension-worthy. You’ve probably read a few scandalous articles or heard some ridiculous rumors already, so let’s move on.

What I do want to talk about is their most recent matchup last night, in Boston. The Boston Bruins showed absolute dominance from start to finish. After struggling in the past 10 games or so, they finally began to get back on track and back to playing Bruins hockey.

According to Pat Hickey, "It's obvious the Bruins can't beat the Canadiens straight-up."

Well Mr. Hickey, you spoke too soon. Boston can beat Montreal straight up. Many people, including myself, believe that Montreal has a speed advantage over the Bruins.

Last night, the Bruins out-skated and out-played the Canadiens. They were just as fast, if not faster than them. This game was a perfect example of the kind of hockey we want to see Boston playing down the stretch, especially if they end up facing Montreal in the playoffs.

The dominance the Bruins demonstrated last night truly made a statement. They kept their emotions in check, played hard and played clean. The storm of controversy that came with the Pacioretty hit did not stop the Bruins from performing against the Canadiens.  

In the most anticipated game of their season, the Boston Bruins dominated and tightened their grip on the division.

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