Vancouver Canucks: The Impact of the Canucks Run on the City of Vancouver

John BainCorrespondent IIMay 29, 2011

Granville Strip post WCF Win/Photo: Eric Inasi -
Granville Strip post WCF Win/Photo: Eric Inasi -

As a Vancouverite it is great to see the unity the play of the Vancouver Canucks has brought to my city.

Although the Olympics in February 2010 brought the country together and the pride was out in full force, this is a little different. This seems to be specific to British Columbia.

Whether it be the gathering of fans on the Granville strip or bars packed to the brink of Canuck fans yelling and waving towels amongst each other, there is definitely something that separates this year than those previous.

The BC restaurant industry has also got a huge rise out of the Canucks. Even the little unknown restaurants are full on game nights if there is a TV inside.

It could very well be that yes, this is the first Stanley Cup Finals the Canucks have been to since 1994, but it also just seems the Canucks put the people in a good mood. The Canuck pessimism is seeming to recede a bit and there is more confidence in Canuck fans.

For fans unfamiliar with the west coast species that is Canucks fans, Vancouver has been painted blue, white, and green.

Gone are the irresponsible fans—the ones who rioted in 1994—and in is a new generation of fan, smiling and high-fiving with the police officers not fighting against them. Even those who weren't hockey fans have converted, sure call them bandwagoners or whatever you want, but you can be sure a lot of them will stick around after this year.

The 2011 Vancouver Canucks playoff run has lifted everyone in Vancouver's spirit. It has created a bond among Vancouverites that almost makes it feel like we are one big family. If you are a Canucks fan walking down the road and run into another, give them a high five or even a hug.

I read this years ago somewhere, and cannot agree more, "fan n. [Fanatic]. An impassioned devotee or admirer, as of a sport, athletic team, or famous person. One West Coast species is particularly loud, proud and members are noted for their white shirts, white towels, loyalty and commitment."

Canada may not be wearing the Blue, Green, and White, but Vancouver sure is.