NHL: 3 Reasons Why the LA Kings Will Win the Stanley Cup Within 5 Years

Henry Dorgan@HDthaTVmanContributor IMarch 18, 2011

NHL: 3 Reasons Why the LA Kings Will Win the Stanley Cup Within 5 Years

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    When people think of professional teams in Los Angeles, they most likely think of the Lakers, the Dodgers or the Los Angeles football team that should be there. The Los Angeles Kings are often put on the back burner, but they have quite the team this year.

    They are eighth in the Western Conference standings, which isn’t great, but they’re in the playoffs at the moment. So, making the assumption that they will win the Stanley Cup within the next five years is strong possibility.

    To some, it’s a stupid statement, but here are three factors that can propel a team from average to being great, and the Kings possess them all.

1. They Have Up-and-Coming Talent on Defense

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    The Kings have some great defensive talent on their squad. They have future NHL superstar in Drew Doughty, who has displayed an uncanny skill set for only being 21 years old. They also have Jack Johnson, who is young like Doughty, and will provide some defensive help in the future.

    These guys are still newcomers to the NHL, and it will take another year or two for them to show their true skills. Matt Greene is another key for the Kings, and he should be a big part of their future success.

    In five years he will be 32, which could still be considered prime for an athlete. All in all, if the Kings use their draft picks on defense, they will live long and prosper (Star Trek reference everybody).

2. Jonathan Quick Is Between the Pipes

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    When a team has a strong defensive core, than things really gel together nicely. But when that core gets injured or under-performs, then it could cause a franchise to get sick to their stomachs.

    The benefit for the Kings is that they have a great goaltender in Jonathan Quick. He’s posted up a 28-17-2 record, which is seventh in the NHL. His save percentage is .918, which is higher than most of my grades!

    He is having his best year, save percentage wise, and last year he put up 39 wins, so he has shown he is not a one-good-season-and-done type of player. Plus, at the age of 25 he will most likely be the franchise’s goalie for a long time. Things are looking good for the Kings between the pipes.

3. An Offense Full of Lamplighters

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    The Los Angeles Kings might have to put some money aside to buy some more red light bulbs, and it won’t be because Jonathan Quick is letting everything by him.

    The Kings' offense can make even the best defense look silly. They have Dustin Brown, who reminds me of a younger Cal Clutterbuck, but Brown puts up more points. Anze Kopitar is their big-name franchise player who puts up points as if he thinks he is Kobe!

    Kopitar has 65 points so far this year, and is ranked 11th in the league in the points category. He is an assist guy as well! He has dished out 45 assists and is ranked fifth in the league.

    Justin Williams is also a guy who flies under the radar when the Kings are brought up. Williams has 52 points, and has put 21 biscuits in the correct basket (goals). I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a big name soon.