Coyotes-Canucks: Whale of a Show in Vancouver

Fanster.comCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2008

Didn’t I tell you the Oil game was a hiccup? Well didn’t I? Glad to see around the web that we all hung in with our boys. Very few naysayers came out of the woodwork. (and they were mostly the ID10T types anyway… so I paid no attention to their prattling). Simply freakin AMAZING! THIS is what we have come to expect from the boys. There was determination, sacrifice, hard work, loyalty, discipline and heroics throughout the entire game.

Bobby Lou wasn’t in the net, ma and Pinky and da Brain weren’t able to take over the Coyotes much less the world. But the video sure is entertaining.

Trap it like its hot - Canucks rap

Bryz! not a great game, but our boy provided the big ones when he had to and gave the guys every opportunity to stay in this one. Breezy has only had 2 bad games for us. He inexplicably lost his focus in the Chicago and Oilers games but both times the big guy has come back strong. The team understands and does not waiver in their belief in their main netminder, he seriously repaid that trust in the last 5 minutes with big stops. (and with Telly providing simply awesome back up, their belief is very valid).

Ed ‘ something special - in a good way this time’ Jovanovski. I have no words. The guy was phenomenal. You wanna talk about poise and discipline? Talk to Jovocop. (oh yeah, I am using his nickname with pride today) cuz he righteously earned it in this game. Not only the biggest hits we’ve seen since he joined the squad *but a whole LOT of them* and to be able to stand, arms at his side while Cowan plowed into him? Well I know I couldn’t have done it. I was almost ready to give up on the guy after predicting a huge season for him (just pointin it out b4 you guys blast me from a few posts ago) but Jovo stepped up and nailed the PP goal after drawing Cowan into the 4 minute dumbest penalty of the night.

JV pp goal

Niko ‘little Ninja’ Kapanen. The lil Finn was simply stunning tonight. Kapi has gotten hot lately on the scoreboard but for those of us who keep an eye on him he is always brilliant with the small things. I can’t help but admire a guy with such a fierce will to play this game despite all the expert reasoning why he shouldn’t be able to compete, much less make such a huge difference. That goal was a symphony of soft hands. Can’t go there without just flat out, crushing, on Dwin’s flat on his back pass to Doan to set up Kapi’s goal. Nice to have Wellie back workin hard and givin DWin room to run.

kapi goal


Bally and Dmo are having the season. Continuously matched against the opponent’s top guns, these guys are the ultimate, shut down offense killers. Mo has been spectacular all season and Bally is coming on so strong offensively as well as playin lights out on the line. What about my boy? Has anyone seen that much intensity out of Z before? I have never seen him be the aggressor in an altercation. Last night he acted like he had 20 more pounds on him and at least 3 inches in height. Shovin Kesler back off his goalie and actually lookin like he might whup some hiney.

What the hell kinda koolaid is Wayne servin the Dmen in between periods? Nick ‘badass’ Boynton has been playing like he invented the ‘new’ NHL. The old scorin and roarin Boynk has been playing lately. I have been a proponent of Boynk for his tough loyalty in protecting the guys but I never really expected any production out of him. Man was I off *mea culpa*. And while I am droolin on about blueliners we gotta take a good long look at the newest member of our production rookies, Keith Yandle. How much difference his aggression from the back end makes every single game.

canuck sandwhich

Although Rhino, TQ and the VHS were quiet goal-wise, don’t overlook them… we tend to do that with York too (The Peppermint had a fine game tonight as well) these guys were flat out hustling and softening up Sanderson every chance they got.

Last bit of gushing praise. Joel ‘been replaced by a REAL hockey player’ Perrault! I mean c’mon… the KID was softer than charmin and skinny as a willow twig last year. The MAN is a whole other story. JoelP has been hittin, scrappin, scorin and is actually defensively responsible this season… its either the koolaid … or the pod theory.

MULES! gettin the party started right… again.

Damn our Captain is workin his butt off out there! Mediating (keepin the lid on the Joves), setup man (300th assist tonight), defender (jumps in from center ice to backup Z when it looked to turn ugly) and don’t forget that off the ice he made sure to make some very sick kid’s day. What a guy!

We roll 4 lines deep, 2 superior quality goalies and the Great One makin his coaching bones. Anything can happen this season and pretty much has. Missed you all at the Half Moon Cafe, good food, good friends and good game. I am one seriously happy fanatic right now.

~photos from various AP sources~