NHL Power Rankings: Chelsea Dagger and the Top 10 Goal Songs in the League

Charlie WeinmanContributor IIIMarch 9, 2011

NHL Power Rankings: Chelsea Dagger and the Top 10 Goal Songs in the League

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    The NHL is one of the most exciting sports to watch and/or be at, because the game is so fast paced and exciting. When the home team scores, the energy, amplitude levels, and arena skyrockets so high that it becomes pure insanity.

    For some teams, the playing of their own goal song is almost as exciting as the goal being scored itself. There is nothing like it in sports. Now, let's take a look at the top 10 teams with the best goal songs in the NHL.

10. Los Angeles Kings

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    After the horn blows when the Kings score, Randy Newman's "I Love LA" blasts through the entire Staples Center in Los Angeles. Shortly after Newman's lyrics, a rock song starts and plays until the song finishes while Kings fans celebrate.

9. St. Louis Blues

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    The St. Louis Blues have a great song. It is very simple and exciting. The Blues play "Saints Go Marching In" on the organ after the horn blows at the conclusion of every single goal.

    Not only is this song a classic, it has a history in St. Louis. The Blues entered the league in 1967. "Saints Go Marching In" was played on the organ and was the goal song 44 years ago, and to this day the organ man still plays it every time a Blues players finds the net.

8. Edmonton Oilers

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    Edmonton sends a message to their opponents when they score. "Get Out of the Way" by Econoline Crush plays while the team and fans celebrate an Oilers' goal, even though that doesn't happen often with Edmonton scoring the fourth lowest number of goals in the NHL.

7. Washington Capitals

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    Whenever Alex Ovechkin and the Caps score in Washington, "kernKraft 400" by Zombie Nation plays throughout the Verizon Center.

6. Montreal Canadiens

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    Montreal has one of the best songs U2 has ever made play when they score a goal. "Vertigo" plays throughout the Bell Centre in Montreal whenever the Habs are able to light the lamp.

5. Detroit, San Jose, Dallas, New Jersey, and Colorado

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    "Rock and Roll Pt. 2" by Gary Glitter plays whenever these teams score, which so happens to be a lot because Detroit has scored the most goals so far in the NHL.

4. Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Buffalo, and Carolina

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    "Song 2" by Blur is one of the most recognized songs in all of sports. Crosby and the Penguins, Byfuglien and the Thrashers, Vanek and the Sabres, and Staal and the Hurricanes all get to hear this song whenever they score a goal in the home arenas.

3. Vancouver Canucks

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    The Sedin twins lead the way in Vancouver and get to hear one of Green Day's greatest songs whenever their team scores a goal. "Holiday" plays throughout the Rogers Arena when the Canucks score a goal.

2. New York Rangers

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    Ray Castoldi created the song for the New York Rangers. "Slapshot" plays in the Garden whenever the Rangers score.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

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    There is no question of which team has the best goal song. The Chicago Blackhawks win the crown for best song. "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis plays in the Madhouse on Madison whenever Toews and the Hawks score a goal.