NHL Trade Deadline 2011: Five Players Impacted by Dustin Penner Trade

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NHL Trade Deadline 2011: Five Players Impacted by Dustin Penner Trade

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    The Los Angeles Kings just acquired Dustin Penner from the Edmonton Oilers for prospect Colten Teubert, a 2011 first-round pick and a conditional second- or third-round pick in 2012. The conditional pick depends on how far the Kings make it in the playoffs.

    This a trade that shakes up the playoff picture big-time in the Western Conference.  It allows the Kings to evolve into a major Stanley Cup threat.

    However, Penner's acquisition doesn't just affect the playoff picture; it affects a number of players as well.

    Whether they're on the trade block or are part of a Cup contending team, a few players are greatly affected.

    Here are the top five players affected by Dustin Penner's acquisition.

Ales Hemsky

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Another Oiler, Ales Hemsky was rumored to be moving all day, but nothing has happened...yet.

    The Penner deal ups the price on scoring wingers. Furthermore, Hemsky is a better and more talented player than Penner, so his acquisition would likely require a higher return.

    With Penner gone, it also shows that Edmonton GM Steve Tambellini is serious about selling the entire team in and rebuilding. With that clear, Hemsky is probably available.

    Hemsky would be a top-three forward on just about any team.

Jason Arnott

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    Arnott is a forward on the market who can be a solid rental player for a number of teams. He's a big man who can put up points.

    With Penner off the market, teams might start to look to the New Jersey Devils to acquire their most tradable asset in Arnott.

    The Devils might be able to get a good price for him if a team is desperate enough.

Brad Richards

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    Brad Richards was already going to require a steep price, but the price the Kings paid for a lesser player in Dustin Penner shows that Richards' price will be through the roof.

    The deal pretty much shuts the door on a Richards deal, if it wasn't shut already.

    In addition, with the Kings a legitimate Cup contender now, the Stars will have a tougher time staying in the playoffs, which will likely affect Richards' future with the team.

Clarke MacArthur

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    Clarke MacArthur is a player that has been attracting a ton of attention. With 48 points and a cap hit of $1.1 million, he is one of the most attractive players on the market.

    With Penner's trade, there is a bar set for forwards on the trade market. While the Kings overpaid, they have given GM's a good idea of what it might take to acquire their star forwards.

    GM Brian Burke said he wouldn't rule out trading MacArthur if he couldn't sign him. While it looked like Mac would stay with the Leafs, this deal makes it more likely he leaves.

Wayne Simmonds

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    Dustin Penner and Wayne Simmonds are very similar players, with one difference.

    Dustin Penner is better.

    With Penner in town, Simmonds becomes expendable. While he probably won't be traded this deadline, don't be surprised if he isn't back in L.A. next season.

    A strong, rough player, Simmonds can put up points while being responsible defensively and contributing to the physical game.

    It will be interesting to see if a deal gets done for Simmonds before the end of the day.