Boston Bruins Winger Milan Lucic Making an Argument for Team MVP

Joe GillCorrespondent IIFebruary 27, 2011

Lucic is now a bona-fide multi-threat for the Bruins.
Lucic is now a bona-fide multi-threat for the Bruins.Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

You can hear Loooooch permeating throughout TD Garden, as winger Milan Lucic is experiencing a career season. Lucic has finally found his groove and the NHL is having a heck of time trying to stop him.

Strike that, trying to contain him.

The ’09-’10 season is a year that all Bruins fans, players, and management would soon like to forget.

The epic playoff collapse against the Flyers. The Cooke cheap shot that put Marc Savard’s career in jeopardy. And the injury bug that pretty much bit everyone including Milan Lucic.

Lucic only played 50 games that season. His stat line is one that he is not too fond of…..nine goals, 11 assists, and plus/minus of -7. This was his worst statistical year since his rookie campaign when he netted eight goals and 19 assists in 77 games.

As they the old saying says, never mess around with a wounded bear. Lucic’s confidence probably took a huge hit during that disastrous season. No one was calling him the next Cam Neely after his dreadful showing and his name was being mentioned in trade rumors.

Lucic could have hung his head and felt bad for himself, but he embraced the opportunity to prove all the doubters wrong this season.  And proving them all wrong he has with persistence and dedication to improve his game.

The lumbering left winger looks reborn and is a man of a mission. He has found his scoring touch with linemates, David Krejci(second on the team with 45 points) and Nathan Horton(16 goals). The Bruins top scoring line has finally meshed and their offensive chemistry is an obvious threat.

Time for the NHL to take notice, if it hasn’t already.

Lucic is beginning resemble his team president, #8 more and more each game. He mucks it up in front of the net and as opposing defensemen have learned, Looch is not an easy man to clear out. He is putting himself in the right position to take feeds from Krejci. And more often than not he is capitalizing on those opportunities.

The biscuit is going in the basket for #17.

After an impressive performance against the Vancouver Canucks, where he netted one goal in front of family and friends, Lucic now finds himself tied for 11th in the NHL for goals with 27 in 58 games.  Prior to this season, he only had 34 career goals over three seasons.

Saying that Looch is coming into his own is an understatement, he has arrived. He is now a multi-threat on the ice. He can beat you with his body, his fists, or his stick (he is currently third on the Bruins with 45 points).  He is no longer a dog with a big bark but has no developed goal scoring bite.

Lucic has established himself as young leader on the Bruins and leads by example. He plays with tenacity and a burning desire to win. Just a matter of time before he has a “A” on his jersey.

These are all the traits of a MVP.

MVP standing for Multi-threat, Valuable and Persistent.

If Tim Thomas wasn’t played like a goaltender possessed, an argument could be made for the Battler from British Columbia.