NHL: Top 5 Announcers in the Game

Eddie Theisen@ETGoWings19Contributor IIIFebruary 16, 2011

NHL: Top 5 Announcers in the Game

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    The NHL is a fast moving, hard hitting, intense filled sport where something can be missed with the blink of an eye. Luckily we have broadcasters that can help us keep up with the game. You have some announcers that you dread listening to. Then you have your announcers that can make the game that much better to watch. Here are some of the leagues best.  

5.Rick Peckham

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    Rick Peckham is an announcer for the Tampa Bay Lightning. He also sometimes does a versus game or two. Rick always keeps the game up-tempo when you watch it and you feel like you are there watching with him.

4.Gord Miller

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    Gord Miller announces for TSN with uh, (Pierre McGuire). Lets let that go and see how good he really is as an announcer. 

3. Rick Jeanneret

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    Jeanneret is the Buffalo Sabres announcer and if you have ever heard him you know how "intense" he can really get.

2. Chris Cuthbert

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    Cuthbert formerly of CBC is now announcing with TSN. Also lets forget the fact it is Matt Cooke scoring on the video.

1. Mike

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    The New Jersey Devils, Versus and NBC announcer. If you don't know him you probably don't watch hockey.