Don Cherry and Mike Milbury Are Two Blowhards Who Speak To Hear Themselves Speak

Shawn OwensAnalyst IFebruary 7, 2011

Don Cherry speaking before thinking.....which is what he known for.
Don Cherry speaking before thinking.....which is what he known for.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Daniel Paille received a four-game suspension from the NHL for his hit on Dallas Stars Raymond Sawanda. 

After the game, Bruins Veteran defenseman Andrew Ference said in the press “It’s a bad hit, right? That’s what they’re trying to get rid of.  You can’t be hypocritical about it when it happens to you, then say it’s fine when your teammate does it.

"It’s a hit they’re trying to get rid of. You hear it from every player after they do it. They feel bad. Same thing. I talked to Danny and he feels bad. It’s tough. That backchecking forward, to make those kinds of hits, it’s so hard to do it in a clean fashion with the new rules.’’

Ex Bruin Coach and Bruin player Mike Milbury said this about the above quote by Ference: “Keep it to yourself, Andrew Ference. Let [Paille] know sometime later down the line. Tell him, ‘Hey, you can’t do that. That’s what we’re trying to get out of the game.’ See him in a quiet corner.

"If he does it five or six times, if he’s out of line, then it’s time for someone else, like the coach or the manager, to step in. You can’t do it. You just can’t do it. It’s unacceptable.’’

Don Cherry, Ex-Bruin Coach, said about Ference: “The guy that got me on this whole thing was Ference. I don’t care if your teammate is an ax murderer. What you’ve got to say to the guy, you tell him in the dressing room. You tell him that was a dirty hit.

"You never go to the press like Ference did and say that was a bad hit. The kid’s going to lose $23,000 over that. They don’t need a guy like Ference.

“I’m going to tell you something right now, I’d hate to be in that dressing room right now. See what happened in the game today? Two-nothing.

"That brings your dressing room down when you have a guy in your dressing room talking about your own players and you know he’s going to get suspended.’’

Milbury and Cherry can't be any further off.  First, Ference didn't just go to the press.  He was quoted after the game. 

Second this is a hot topic for all NHL players, and this is no surprise to anyone. 

It wasnt a questionable hit, since the NHL did suspend Paille for four games.  Ference wasn't saying it to Paille, he was saying it in general to the press. 

Milbury said if he does it five or six times.  Please five or six times he would be out of the league.  One time or five times, a bad hit is a bad hit.  Again, this is not new news to Paille. 

He is a professional, he knows it was a bad hit or at least very questionable that the league must review and make a decision.

Cherry said, I'd hate to be in that dressing room.  Times have changed, Don.  Players are much smarter and more in tune with what is happening.  This is not news to anyone in the B's dressing room.

Ference said about the two ex-Bruins coaches comments: “It’s a joke,’’  “Our room’s awesome. Stuff like that doesn’t divide locker rooms. Are you kidding me? Go down the room and ask every single guy.

"Don’t lower yourself to that. It’s an issue that has to be taken seriously. It’s concussions. It’s guys’ lives. When you talk about something like that, it’s not something you throw around lightly. It’s a guy’s life.

"Ask Marc Savard how he’s feeling. Ask Bergeron how his year was. It’s more than something you just print in the newspaper. It’s a serious issue and it has to be dealt with.’’

Don Cherry and Mike Milbury need to take some of their own advice.  They are both former players and ex-Bruins.  Maybe they should keep their comments to themselves and speak with Ference as Milbury said, "down the line in a quiet corner sometime." 

Cherry and Milbury should be ashamed of themselves for starting a war of words with a current player about the hottest topic in sports right now. 

Think before you speak, Cherry and Milbury.  Ference did!