NHL Trade Rumors: Philadelphia Flyers Keys To Remember When Executing a Trade

Leo WelshCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2011

PITTSBURGH - MAY 10:  (L-R) President and C.O.O. of Comcast-Spectacor Peter Luukko, Assistant General Manager Barry Hanrahan and General Manager Paul Holmgren of the Philadelphia Flyers watch the off day skate of the NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs at the Mellon Arena May 10, 2008 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We've all heard the rumors in the beginning of January. The Flyers had reportedly offered a second and possibly a fourth-round pick to the Devils in exchange for the services of ex-captain Jamie Langenbrunner.

Obviously, this deal was turned down for a less substantial trade with Dallas. Since then, it's been nothing but rumors for the Flyers.

When it comes to rumors, we've heard them all in Philadelphia. From Iginla to Cole, or Giguere to Stillman, we've been informed of all sorts of trade possibilities. People like Iginla are the types of contracts the Flyers want to avoid. The Flyers also want to keep it up front, as they are set when it comes to defense and goaltending.

A contract such as Iginla's is the type that should be kept away from Philly. Not only will it strap them in cap this year, but it will also get them in the upcoming years.

Although I believe it would be great to have a forward like Jarome, it will really shake things up in the organization now and in the future. The Flyers would have to give up skaters in the club, skaters in the minors, and either high-round or multiple picks.

This sort of deal would cause serious tumult in the team, most likely producing a negative effects on the Orange and Black rather than positive ones.

When a star player comes into a new team for the first time after spending his career with one team, he may not be the same. I could see this being the case for Iginla, he may not preform as well or make an instant impact as many believe.

It takes time to build team chemistry and that's what the Flyers have.

The chemistry they have built is the main reason for their winning. It is also a main reason why trading players like Nodl and van Riemsdyk would alter the Flyers' play. Skaters form a bond, a trade like such would break that bond and the team could have side effects for weeks.

If it ain't broke, don't fix itI know people who spend time in the Flyers' section of Bleacher Report have heard this quote many times. It's very true, but an upgrade? Now that's a different story.

If the Flyers move players to get players it could be disastrous. What the Flyers offered for Langenbrunner was perfect example of what they should be shooting for: A draft pick, maybe even a prospect, for a rental player is what they should keep going for.

It doesn't mix up team chemistry, nor does it strap them for salary cap, but each team gets what they need—the Flyers get their man and the rebuilding team adds on for the future.

Holmgren and Philly's offices were right to go for a veteran winger. It's a smart move if completed correctly. Look for upgrades and go for them, but don't mess up the entire roster for one player.

They have a good thing going for them, and mixing up the team could be the Flyers' downfall.