Aaron Rodgers Delays Green Bay Packers Departure To Dallas By 2 Hours (Satire)

John LimbachContributor IJanuary 31, 2011

Aaron Rodgers grabs a sharpie and begins a two hour signing marathon
Aaron Rodgers grabs a sharpie and begins a two hour signing marathon

The Green Bay Packers are on their way to Dallas, but not before a two-hour delay at Austin Straubel Airport.

Disgruntled players, coaches, team officials and the flight crew were confined on the plane while team quarterback Aaron Rodgers continued to sign autographs for all fans who lined up at the airport to wish the team well.

When pressed to comment while signing the autographs, Rodgers replied, "These fans really support the team and each one deserves my attention and signature on their items. I really feel that the delay that this will cause—potentially irking some of my teammates in the process—is worth it to not alienate a single fan or create a sports website overreaction."

Once word got out that Rodgers was following a "no autograph left behind" policy, fans from all over the area started streaming to the airport to get in line, some from as far away as Chicago.

It was clear that Rodgers would have been there for hours longer had head coach Mike McCarthy not deplaned and grabbed Rodgers by the ear to escort him onto the flight.

Several fans said they clearly heard McCarthy chide Rodgers in a stern voice saying, "I know you are trying to be positive, but you don't want to see my belt, Aaron. Just for this, you are sitting next to the Freezer, and he is about to defrost a breakfast burrito."

Once on the plane, they quickly taxied and took off for Dallas with fans cheering.

Many fans could not hold back their glee and emotion in getting some personal attention from the star QB. 

One fan in attendance was almost in tears. Since a young boy he always dreamed of being a Super Bowl quarterback, but his health issues dashed those hopes. He said he has been struggling with walking lately and suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, so to get his No. 12 jersey personally signed was very emotional.

His jersey reads, "To Jay C. Never Give Up, Aaron Rodgers 12".