NHL Trade Rumors: Rumored Dallas-Toronto Deal Is Nothing But a Rumor

Alex MamalisCorrespondent IIIJanuary 24, 2011

Would Brad Richards be worth all that we give up to acquire him?
Would Brad Richards be worth all that we give up to acquire him?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Bring your hopes back down to Earth, Leafs fans.

The rumored Toronto-Dallas blockbuster isn't going to happen, thankfully.

The rumored deal sees Toronto acquire Brad Richards, Jamie Benn and Ondrej Roman from the Stars in exchange for Clarke MacArthur, Nazem Kadri, Kris Versteeg and a conditional draft pick.

The deal is undoubtedly a blockbuster, but Burke shouldn't accept it for a slew of reasons.

However, to know for sure if Burke should accept it or not, let's break the deal down into a few smaller deals:


Deal No. 1: Kris Versteeg and Clarke MacArthur for Brad Richards and Jamie Benn

At first glance, this part of the deal is clearly in favor of the Maple Leafs. They get nearly (on pace for) 160 points of production where they are only giving up 130 from their own.

However, there is much more to this deal than just on paper production.

Versteeg and MacArthur bring many intangibles to a team that Richards and Benn don't—ability to play on both special teams units, ability to play in both top and bottom six and willingness to go into the dirty areas of the ice.

And in addition to all that, Versteeg and MacArthur are both on pace for 60+ point seasons.

Yes, Richards and Benn are most likely the more offensive of the two pairs, but when you factor in all the other intangibles the Leafs' pair bring, it pretty much evens the deal up—not to mention Brad Richards is turning 32 years old this year.

Advantage: Even, maybe an ever-so slight edge for Toronto in what their getting.


Deal No. 2: Nazem Kadri and conditional draft pick for Ondrej Roman

Who the heck is Ondrej Roman?

That question summarizes the examination of this deal.

Nazem Kadri hasn't had the best season at the pro-level this year, but during his mini-tenures with the Leafs this season, he has showed promise and true potential to still be an NHL star.

And to think on top of that is a conditional draft pick (most likely based upon if the Leafs make the playoffs or not) is just ridiculous.

Advantage: Dallas, and a significant one at that.


At first, the deal looks like a big one for the Maple Leafs—they land their coveted top-line centerman and, as a bonus, they receive an additional scoring winger.

And giving up two players that were "third-liners" on other clubs?

It looks like a steal at first; however, it's not nearly that simple.

Versteeg and MacArthur have evolved into solid second line players this season, along with their other intangibles it makes the deal much more even.

Then when you look at what Toronto is giving up to acquire Ondrej Roman (really, who is he?), it's just ludicrous to suggest that either GM (Burke or Nieuwendyk) would offer this deal to the other.

Oh, and just to note, the infamous Eklund reported this deal, so I most likely could have ended the blog right there.

But that wouldn't have been any fun, would it have?