The Latest On Former World Champion Jeff Hardy's Court Case, Possible Jail Time?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJanuary 20, 2011

As many know by now, on September 11, 2009, Jeff Hardy was arrested on suspicion of Drug Trafficking and possession. The former World Champion of both the WWE and TNA has been in and out of court regarding the charges for the past two years, but nothing has come out of it since then.

It was speculated that Hardy would be freed of the charges because of the suspicious package that arrived to his home, which contained many pills he was charged over.

Hardy has had a history of drug problems—which at one point cost him his job in the WWE. He then returned to the company later on, but he was then suspended for failing yet another random drug test.

When he was suspended at that time, it was right before Wrestlemania where he qualified for the Money in the Bank match just a short time before he failed the test. He was not allowed to compete in the match, and it was originally slated that he would win. Hardy did come back later in the year, promising to be better.

At one point it looked like Hardy was doing just that, he was clean and was focusing on his career. He started to main event on a consistent basis, and later on won the WWE Championship. He proceeded to have a rivalry with both Edge and CM Punk, in which he captured the World Heavyweight Title, twice.

However, Hardy exited the WWE after Summerslam, and just mere weeks after he left, the charged hit him. Once one of the nation's darkest days became a dark one for Jeff Hardy.

One does need to point out that while Hardy does have a history of drug issues, he has never been in trouble with the law before this in any way, especially regarding drugs.

This is really his first issue with the law in any form. So, if a judge or jury were to base it off of prior issues he had, they really would have nothing to go off of.

However, if they based it off of his past with drugs, of which he has admitted to several times, Hardy is as good as jail bait.

The thing is though, Jeff is going to plead guilty on the charges. This is what was found in Hardy's home on the police raid:

-262 doses of Vicodin
-180 Soma prescription pills
-55 milliliters of anabolic steroids
-Residual amount of powder cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

These charges are highly serious in any part of the United States, but the state in which Hardy resides, North Carolina, is one of the most strict on this in the entire nation.

Doesn't bold well obviously.

Hardy was stated to plead guilty on all counts TODAY!

And like every time Hardy has gone to court, the sentencing was delayed. Here is a report from the courtroom:

"When the case was called this morning, the ADA (Assistant District Attorney) told the Judge that they would need more time to negotiate a potential plea deal. He told the judge that the sides had a agreed to return to court on February 16th and asked for the Judge's approval, which was granted. As someone who works in the court system, I can tell you that this most probably means that one of the two sides thought that the other was going to agree to something more than actually could be agreed upon. My hunch is that the ADA wouldn't give in as much as Jeff's lawyer wanted, but that is just my guess. At least Jeff can appear on the big 2/3 Impact."

So yet again, even as Hardy was slated to plead guilty to the charges he faced such as Drug Trafficking and possession, he has gotten out.

Hardy is set to face Ken Anderson for the TNA Title, but I highly doubt they were planning on Jeff to be out of jail time all together for the next month, which is why I don't feel anything was really ever planned for the PPV coming up for Hardy.

If there was, it was tentative and was only to get butts in the seats until the PPV started and a new plan was set out.

Hardy will NOT be holding the TNA World Title anytime soon for obvious reasons, but he will be allowed to work with TNA until his next court date. It is just about a month away, but I highly doubt that the plea bargain has NO JAIL TIME in it.

If Hardy is agreeing to all counts, and not even disputing the charges here, then the drug trafficking charge alone even with a plea can get up to six months of prison time. Probation is also a factor that will be in place, and on top of all of the things Hardy will have to do, he will have drug tests very often.

These drug tests are far more important than that of a WWE drug test. Usually if failed without proper reason, such as if a doctor prescribes something, the person will be sent to jail for an extended period of time. If failed numerously, the person can see various jail times.

Hardy will also most likely be sent to rehab, which will be mandatory. But lets face it, from the reports about him currently out of TNA, the man needs help. Even though it may not seem this way, September 11, 2009 may have been the best day of Hardy's life when he looks back on it.