Quick Hits: Mats Sundin Makes Us Wait and More

Dan LondonCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

We are just a few days from the start of NHL training camps and a bit more news is starting to trickle out. Of course, Mats Sundin is still wavering on where and even if he will play next season. NHL 09 and NHL 2K9 come out on Tuesday, Sept. 9 for all of the major consoles.

Quick Hits

•Mats Sundin has stated that he will not make a decision until after the season starts. He might be trying to avoid having to go to an NHL training camp or he might be trying to get some desperate team to up their offer. I am starting to wonder if the Canucks really have a two-year/$20 million offer on the table.

•Teemu Selanne wants to come back to the Ducks, but they will have to dump a player or two to get him in under the cap.

The Hockey News gave the Penguins a poor grade for their offseason moves, especially their loss of Hossa and Ryan Malone. Satan and Fedotenko might not have been the best moves, but signing Hossa would have meant not signing Stall next season and possibly having to deal Malkin.

Right now, Malkin and Fleury are signed and the Pens are still under the cap. The loss of Hossa might have been tough, but the future of the team is much better.

•The NHL games come out this week. If you have a PS3 or XBOX 360 you can get the demos to try out before the games are released. I have NHL 09 on pre-order and will probably get NHL 2K9 for the WII in a few weeks.

•The Hurricanes released their camp roster in PDF format. Download it HERE. Some key invitees include Jeff O’Neill (did not play) and Dan LaCouture (played in the Swiss League).

•The Hurricanes are only showing 65 games on TV this season. That leaves almost 20 games that will not be shown. I think the local AAA baseball team, the Durham Bulls, had more games shown.

If the Hurricanes want to keep their name from being associated with teams such as Atlanta, Florida, and Nashville who can’t draw fans and are in danger of moving, they need more games to be shown.