NHL Trade Rumors: 10 Deals That Would Be Fun To See Go Down

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2010

NHL Trade Rumors: 10 Deals That Would Be Fun To See Go Down

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    Every season starts with hopes of long playoff runs and a Stanley Cup parade at the conclusion. 

    As the season progresses, we begin to see which teams are the real deal and which teams are the pretenders.

    The teams that are struggling will begin to think about making moves to put them back into contention or teams that are playing well may be looking to add the last piece to their championship puzzle. 

    This list has 10 very possible scenarios that could pan out over the next several weeks.

    These are just dirty rumors and I am doing nothing but spreading them!


Alexander Frolov for Steve Sullivan

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    Alexander Frolov, F, New York Rangers for Steve Sullivan, F, Nashville Predators

    As far as even up trades go, this is definition of win-win. The trade would relieve both players from dreadful seasons with their current clubs and help them turn a new page.

    Sullivan has a no-trade clause but if he is willing to waive that part of the contract, he would fit well in the bright lights of New York.

    Alexander Frolov on the other hand, has been a bust as a Ranger.  He would be a good experiment for Nashville and if he didn't work, they could let him walk when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season.

    This trade would make a lot of sense for both teams and I feel like this situation would be a win-win. 

    If Nashville falls out of contention early, they will be sellers at the trade deadline and expect several moves.

Alexei Kovalev for Kevin Bieksa

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    Alexei Kovalev, F, Ottawa Senators for Kevin Bieksa, D, Vancouver Canucks

    Veteran forward Alexei Kovalev seems to be having trouble with Ottawa management and for some reason, that isn't a surprise.  It seems that a lot of star forwards have trouble with the management in Ottawa.

    Kovalev has seen his minutes get cut and his playing time has been reduced to just even strength play situations. 

    Kevin Bieksa is a solid defender on a deep defensive group and the Canucks are looking to add a forward. 

    Bieksa would help add depth to a mediocre defensive group in Ottawa.  This deal would help both teams tremendously.

    Bieksa would help sure up a sometimes dreadful defensive group in Ottawa and Kovalev could become a 40 goal scorer in Vancouver with the help of the Sedin twins, both teams would be wise to make this move.

Simon Gagne for Brian Gionta

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    Simon Gagne, F, Tampa Bay Lightning for Brian Gionta, F, Montreal Canadiens

    This is a trade off of two amazingly talented forwards.  I think each one would help their new teams in different ways.

    Gionta is a small player and he loves to work the puck in the offensive zone.  He has the ability to thread a pass through traffic and is plenty comfortable being an assist man to a goal scorer of Steven Stamkos stature.

    Gagne is a goal scorer.  Plain and simple.

    Montreal would highlight Gagne's offensive abilities and he could help spread the offensive love to the second and third lines.

    If all clauses could be waived, this deal could be great for both teams.

    Each player would fix a need for their new team and would fit snugly under the salary cap.

James van Riemsdyk and Matt Walker for T.J. Oshie

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    James van Riemsdyk, F, Philadelphia Flyers and Matt Walker, D, Philadelphia Flyers for T.J. Oshie, F, St. Louis Blues

    This may seem like a steal for the Blues but look deeper.  It will help the Flyers get some flexibility and it sends a virtuoso to a rebuilding team.

    Oshie was on a hot streak before his broken ankle and he was really panning out in St. Louis. 

    JVR has played great since his benching by coach Peter Laviolette and would be a great addition to a rebuilding Blues squad.

    Matt Walker would be a valuable defender to sure up a rather weak defensive group.  He hasn't suited up for the Flyers this season but the Flyers could use the salary cap help by moving him.

    The Flyers need to look to moving some salary if they want to keep forward Ville Leino around.

Brent Seabrook for Dustin Byfuglien

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    Brent Seabrook, D, Chicago Blackhawks for Dustin Byfuglien, D, Atlanta Thrashers

    Yes, I believe there is a shot that the Chicago Blackhawks trade defenseman Brent Seabrook for former Blackhawk Dustin Byfuglien.

    Why? Because some are willing to admit their mistakes.

    Byfuglien is a star on the rise in the NHL and his versatility will keep him playing this game for a long time to come.  Chicago would be wise to make this move for the proven youngster.

    Seabrook on the other hand, is the quintessential stay at home defender. 

    The Blackhawks have their defensive captain in Duncan Keith so moving Seabrook for the more offensive minded Byfuglien might be a good move.

Brad Richards for Marc Savard

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    Brad Richards, F, Dallas Stars for Marc Savard, F, Boston Bruins

    I believe this deal would be a good way for Marc Savard to get out of a bad situation in Boston and a good way for Boston to have a consistent offensive threat.

    Savard is one of the best passers in the game but his concussions and his allegedly eroding relationship with management may lead him to make the move.

    Brad Richards on the other hand, will be an unrestricted free agent at the conclusion of this season and Dallas may be looking to get something in return if they don't want to sign him long term.

    Richards could helm a talented group of young Boston forwards and put them at the top of the league offensively.  He brings championship experience and his ability to make his teammates better would work great with the Bruins.

Tomas Kaberle for Patrick Marleau

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    Tomas Kaberle, D, Toronto Maple Leafs for Patrick Marleau, F, San Jose Sharks

    The most intriguing trade rumor I've heard all season.

    It makes a lot of sense for both teams and would put two players who need scenery changes, in new places.

    Tomas Kaberle has been rumored to be moved by the Maple Leafs for years now.  He is a solid defender whose play would improve greatly when he had some sort of stability with a new team.

    Patrick Marleau was stripped of his role as team captain and has seemed to fall out of favor after all of the Sharks postseason struggles.

    The switch would be perfect.

    For Kaberle, San Jose would be a more laid back community and a team closer to the promise land.  He would help sure up the defense and alleviate the pressure on Dan Boyle.

    For Marleau, it’s another chance to lead a team from nothing into greatness. 

    That would be an awesome trade!

Jarome Iginla for Wayne Simmonds

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    Jarome Iginla, F, Calgary Flames for Wayne Simmonds, F, Los Angeles Kings

    This trade would spell the end for Mr. Iginla and all of his unkempt Championship hopes in Calgary.  It seems that every year for the past eight years, the Flames were going to win the Stanley Cup and for eight years they haven’t done squat.  

    Kiprusoff is one of the only reasons the team even was perennially as good as they were, it certainly wasn’t the streaky scoring of Jarome Iginla.

    Wayne Simmonds is a promising young forward who is on an already young Los Angeles team looking to make the move from rebuilding to perennial contenders.  

    Simmonds would help a new Flames team that could be built over the next few years to put a product on the ice the people of Calgary deserve.

    Iginla on the other hand, would give the Kings a qualified leader on and off the ice.  He has the playoff experience and he will not have so much pressure on him offensively with all of the young stars around him.

Tomas Vokoun for Roberto Luongo

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    Tomas Vokoun, G, Florida Panthers for Roberto Luongo, G, Vancouver Canucks

    The expectations for Roberto Luongo were ski high when he came to Vancouver from the Panthers in a trade.

    Maybe the bright lights were just too bright. 

    Vokoun will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and with an offense like the Canucks have, Vokoun could be huge for the Canucks.

    Luongo could settle back into obscurity in Florida and just skate through his career. 

    I feel like if Vokoun was ever supported offensively like he was when Nashville was maintaining 100 points a year, he could be a Stanley Cup goalie.

    Luongo doesn't seem to have what it takes to handle the pressure of a hockey market like Vancouver and he already has a rapport with the ownership in Florida.  He may not have left on the best of terms but there is no question that he can put people in the seats and the Panthers need all they can get.

Alexander Semin for Shea Weber

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    Alexander Semin, F, Washington Capitals for Shea Weber, D, Nashville Predators

    If this goes through, this deal would be the blockbuster of the century and in my honest opinion, the best thing for both organizations.

    The Capitals will be stuck with salary cap issues if they sign Semin long term and Nashville will make him the face of the franchise.

    Weber on the other hand, would make Washington amazing on defense and make Ovechkin the main focal point of the offense again.

    Since Semin's development as an all around threat offensively, Ovechkin has taken a different approach to the offense.  He doesn't seem to be as desperate to score and trusts in his teammates to help pick up the slack and make plays happen.

    Weber and Mike Green would become one of the biggest threats offensively and defensively in the Eastern Conference and would put the team in a position to win every game.

    This move would put Semin in a starring role in a small market which could be good for his psyche and would put Weber in a position to help helm one of the most powerful teams in the league.