NHL Video: Top 20 Fights of the 2010-11 NHL Season

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIDecember 9, 2010

NHL Video: Top 20 Fights of the 2010-11 NHL Season

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    NHL fans obviously appreciate an intense, hard fought game between two of the league's top teams.

    But they're lying if they say that the potential for an epic brawl isn't a big reason why they love the sport.

    Some NHL players look like they could give Manny Pacquiao a run for his money, and this season has been full of some great confrontations that made the fans go wild.

    So let's take a look at some of the classic brawls from the first few months of the season.

    Here are the top 20 fights so far during the 2010-11 NHL campaign. 

20. Aaron Voros Gets Owned

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    Clearly no one has taught Anaheim's Aaron Voros the value of self-defense.

    He someone manages to land zero punches against Vancouver's Kevin Bieksa, who relentlessly pummels him in the face until he hits the ice.

    And that is precisely what makes this fight so great.

19. Short But Sweet: Kevin Westgarth Vs. Paul Gaustad

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    This fight isn't very long, but I love what Paul Gaustad does toward the middle of the fight.

    He unleashes a flurry of uppercuts on Kevin Westgarth that seems to really excite the announcer.

    But in the end, Westgarth knocks him to the ice with a swift right hook.

    I'll call it a draw.

18. Ryan Clowe: The Prime Example Of a Good Sport

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    I know you're looking for knockout or big punches for the most part.

    But there's something to be said about being a good sport after a fight, and Ryan Clowe probably could have pummeled Matt Corrente at the end of this one.

    But he didn't.

    That was a classy act on Clowe's part.

17. A Back and Forth Battle Between Rod Pelley and Adam McQuaid

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    Fast forward to :41 and look at Adam McQuaid's teammates watching the fight.

    I mean, could they be any more disinterested in it?

    McQuaid does land a few good punches and rips off Rod Pelley's helmet shortly afterward.

    Maybe that got their attention.

16. Steve MacIntyre Doesn't Care If His Team Loses

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    The Edmonton Oilers were down 4-0 to the Calgary Flames, but Steve MacIntyre was the one laughing at the end of the day.

    Just ask Raitis Ivanans.

    Ivanans and MacIntyre go back and forth for a while...then, BAM!

    MacIntyre drops Ivanans with a right hand, and watches as Ivanans' limp body slumps to the ice.

15. Mike Brown Plays The Guessing Game

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    I remember when I was a kid and one of our favorite forms of intimidation was to lunge at other kids as if we were going to punch them square in the mouth.

    Mike Brown brings me back to my childhood with this one.

    Check out his head fakes, they're NBA-caliber.

14. Trevor Gillies Survives

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    Trevor Gillies is David. Derek Boogaard is Goliath.

    Seriously, Boogaard is absolutely monstrous.

    The first comment on the video says that it's a win for Gillies because he's still alive.

    I agree. 

13. Slow and Steady Wins The Race

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    If you like watching fights that slowly progress, then the battle between Brandon Prust and Zenon Konopka is the fight for you.

    These guys go at it for more than a minute, and the crowd really gets into it.

    Me? I thought it was solid, but I've seen better.

12. The Battle of Aquatic Animals

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    If a Shark battles a Duck, then the Shark is going to win, right?

    Not this time around.

    Georga Parros and Frazer McLaren get into a nice little tussle, but I'm not sure there's a true winner here.

11. We're Talking Downie, But This Ain't No Laundry Detergent

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    OK, this may be cheating because the fight itself isn't all that great.

    But Steve Downie's facial expressions after the fight are absolutely phenomenal.

    Note to Willie Mitchell: please cheap-shot Downie again so we can all be blessed with another situation like this.

10. Left, Left, Left, Right, Left: That's How This Fight Goes

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    The headline isn't lying to you.

    Adam Mair and Jake Dowell exchange about four left hooks for every right-handed shot.

    There's no knockout punch, but the action is very solid and the fight ends with a hip toss WWE-style.

    As the announcer says, there's good energy between these two fighters--if that's possible.

9. Sid

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    Sidney Crosby is often considered to be the best hockey player in the world, but the best fighter?

    Ugh, not quite.

    Crosby definitely gets the "W" in this brawl, but it kinda looks more like a WWE wrestling match than an NHL fight.

    I do love the intensity shown by both guys though. Neither of them lets up. 

8. Cam Janssen Takes a Ton Of Shots, But Maintains His Stability

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    Who needs to protect themselves from John Scott's haymakers anyway?

    Apparently not Cam Janssen.

    Serious props are in order for this guy.

    The much bigger John Scott is wailing on him with big shots the entire time, but Janssen maintains his footing.

    It's quite impressive if you ask me.

7. Matt Bradley and Troy Bodie Go All Out

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    Just throw any type of fighting technique out the window.

    At least that's what Matt Bradley and Troy Bodie were thinking in this fight.

    It didn't last too long, but it was good for the short part we did get to see.

6. Jody Shelley Gets Paid

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    If you listen to the announcers, they say that Jody Shelley "paid to just fight."

    And I'm not gonna lie: he is damn impressive.

    But props are in order for Michael Rupp, who stays with Shelley for pretty much the entire fight.

5. Respect Your Elders, Chris Campoli

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    Chris Campoli must not have learned how to respect his elders. 

    He decides to take it to 42-year-old Mark Recchi...and loses!

    This is just further proof that wisdom wins out over age any day.

4. D.J. King Should Change His Last Name

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    D.J. King wasn't looking like your royal highness after this one.

    He goes toe-to-toe with Trevor Gillies for a while, but Gillies withstands a barrage of punches and drops King to his knees for the decisive victory.

    King looked more like D.J. Queen at the end of that encounter. 

3. All Hell Breaks Loose

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    Sean Avery: you see that name, and nothing good ever really follows.

    Unless you're a fan of hockey fights.

    Sean Avery takes a cheap shot on Ladislav Smid, igniting a couple of other fights in the process.

    I guess that guy will never learn. 

2. Deryk Engelland Shows Colton Orr What's Up

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    What's greater than a guy who spells Derek with a y?


    Deryk Engelland takes it to heavyweight Colton Orr, who was the "favorite" in this one.

    Orr does control most of the fight but only before Engelland hits him with a stiff right hook and drops him to the ice.

1. Split Decision: Corey Perry Vs. Pavel Datsyuk

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    You have to love an underdog.

    After a huge fight breaks out between the Anaheim Ducks and Detroit Red Wings, all the attention quickly turns to Corey Perry and Pavel Datsyuk, who put on an epic fight for the crowd.

    As the announcer tells us, Perry is one of only four current NHL players with more than 100 goals and 400 penalty minutes.

    So he's gonna win, right?