Top 20 Dangles Of The NHL Season To Date

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2010

Top 20 Dangles Of The NHL Season To Date

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    As with every year in the NHL, players provide the fans with reasons to cheer. This year is no exception to that, and this is a compilation of my top 20 dangles of the year. Feel free to suggest those that you like. So what No. 1 player will provide us with the best jaw-dropping moves of the year? Check these 20 out to see.

Honorable Mention

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    These moves are pretty good, but there's something about them that's not quite like the top twenty:

    Niklas Hagman 11/29/10 vs Minnesota:

    Just not enough moves to crack it. Little more space and a few more moves

    Marc Staal: 10/23/10: This one is the main video. Nothing too impressive, except the breakaway speed and the simplicity of his goal.

#20: Nicklas Lidstrom

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    Nicklas Lidstrom capping an OT goal on the Calgary Flames. Just great work in small space.

#19: Ryan Callahan

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    Penalty shot... the best words in hockey. Great move from Callahan for the goal. Give him some credit for the effort on the initial breakaway, too.

#18: Tyler Seguin

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    This move is pretty great, the on the way down portion coupled with the fact it's his first NHL goal make this goal a special one in Seguin's career. Not the only first goal to make this list though...

#17: Dustin Byfuglien

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    Not normally known for his offensive moves, especially now, Dustin Byfuglien's goal makes this for two reasons: It's an OT winner, and he went coast to coast for this. Great move to open up the shot in the end.

#16: Derek Stepan

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    Count it, six moves in that shot. Great move on Peter Elliot that leaves the five hole easy for the picking. Watch Derek Stepan this season.

#15: Steven Stamkos

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    You had to know with his goal total he would make it on here. Steven Stamkos is proving his worth every game he steps on the ice. The snipe to end it just makes it sweeter.

#14: Chris Stewart

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    Great job picking up the loose puck on a defensive balk. Stewart clearly has the defense and Marty Turco fooled as he falls down to his backside from it. Pressuring the defense results in a great goal here.

#13: Nazem Kadri

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    Yes it's the AHL, and that's why I kept him out of the top ten. This is a sick goal, and deserves top 20 honors. Watch out for this No.7 pick.

#12: Alexander Ovechkin

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    Well, you had to know he'd be in here. Not his best work, but pretty smooth of him. I'm kind of surprised this is the best I've seen of him this year, but there's still a long way to go. If I missed a goal of his please inform me of it.

# 11: TJ Oshie

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    This is just great. He has the goalie the entire way, and the side to side move to finish had the goalie looking for his jock strap.

#10: Derek Roy

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    I think where this loses points is of the Sabres' goals this year, it ranks second. And it was the first goal of the year. Look forward to another great goal from Roy this year, he's got hands.

#9: Bryan Little

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    Bryan who? Brian Little that is, great cut move in the neutral zone, and this video proves driving hard up the outside works. Great backhand jam to end this.

#8: Pavel Datsyuk

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    Ok, this is nothing new for Datsyuk. Quite the "Datsyukian" goal from this guy. My question, how many defenders does it take to stop him from doing this?

#7: Patrick Sharp

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    Having a man on the other side of the net makes this goal too easy, and Ty Conklin didn't stand a chance against that move.

#6: Jason Spezza

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    This defenseman has Spezza in the bag. Too bad he didn't keep the bag cinched. Spezza shows his stuff with a great finishing shot to boot.

#5: Loui Eriksson

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    All right, this is just great. Eriksson just makes Johnson look foolish. This move can screw you if the goalie anticipates it, but in this situation, Johnson had no clue this one was coming, and Eriksson just needs a guide there to put the puck in.

#4: Evander Kane

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    The one move that can doom you if performed wrong, Evander Kane's toe drag is not the only great move, but the movement of the puck is just great. And it's always nice to hear that pipe in there.

#3: Thomas Vanek

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    I told you Roy's goal was the second best of the Sabres' year. One of the few teams with two or more winners, ironically enough the Sabres aren't doing as well as these moves show. Thomas Vanek shows why he is a great player here, and makes a great job in the neutral zone, then the dangle is just great to end this game. Rick Jeanneret also gets an assist on this goal for some great commentating.

#2: Alexander Burmistrov

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    This goal is just a great skill set making these moves. Hooked up, behind the goal, jammed it in, this goal is just a pure motion of scoring skill. However, NO goal can compare to what you are about to see in this season. Congratulations to Alex Burmistov on the No. 2 goal of the year to date.

#1: Jordan Eberle

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    When you're first NHL goal is this, it's going to be pretty memorable. Jordan Eberle just comes up with a HUGE goal for the Edmonton Oilers. If you like your dangles in slow motion, check out this link: