Shame On LaGreca For Acting Like This

Leslie MonteiroSenior Analyst INovember 21, 2010

On Tuesday's NHL Live show on Sirius XM Radio and the NHL Network, an Islanders fan tweeted that Don LaGreca did a lousy job of interviewing Garth Snow. He also mentioned he would cancel Sirius XM.

This set LaGreca off. He used his rant to rip NY sports radio for neglecting to talk about hockey. He mentioned couple of sports radio stations talking about baseball, football and basketball. He specifically ripped WFAN's Evan Roberts for spending too much time on baseball and the Nets.

Typical LaGreca. This is what he does. When someone calls him out, he goes on a crazy rant. Just look at him on YouTube or listen to Michael Kay's radio show. He acts like a  Kay wannabe. That's what happens when an update guy works with Kay.

The host wanted attention by calling others out, specifically Roberts. He knows Roberts is a talented talk-show host not to mention he is popular in this market. It's a sad way to go about it.

LaGreca knows why sports radio don't cover hockey. It's because neither of three local teams are good. What's the point of talking about the Rangers, Islanders and the Devils? No radio station spends much time talking about teams that are not good.

Besides, hockey is a fringe sport. No one cares about regular season hockey. Folks will watch in the postseason. It does not help the league only have few stars. In this market, there is not one star on the team, so there is nothing to talk about.

The three metropolitan teams accomplished  nothing to get attention. The Rangers underachieve every year. They made the playoffs under Tom Renney, but they never had a playoff run. The Islanders stunk in recent years. The Devils lost their winning magic when Scott Stevens and Ken Daneyko retired.

There is nothing to talk about. The hosts don't have any obligation to talk about bad hockey teams. Even the Knicks and the Rangers are not getting attention for their ineptitude.

To create interest here, a team needs to win consistently and go deep in the playoffs.  No one in New York will tolerate mediocrity. They will stop watching. Just ask the Knicks, who were popular at one time. The Yankees can say the same thing in the 80s.

LaGreca lived long enough to know this. He can promote the sport as good as he can, but no one is going to listen because a Kay caddy told them to do so. It doesn't work that way.

Another thing. New York is not the only town that does not cover hockey. Anyone watch SportsCenter? Most of the highlights centers on basketball highlights. There are more analysis on basketball than hockey. In fact, when ESPN had the hockey coverage, SportsCenter never covered hockey much.

Go listen to any other sports town that has hockey in America. Not one talkie talks about it. Only place where anyone can listen to hockey talk is in Canada, and that's because there's nothing to do over there.

In New York, there are many things to do. There are many entertainment options which people can do here. Right now, folks are focusing on football, and rightfully so with the success of the Giants and the Jets.

Don't forget the Mets are looking for a manager and the Yankees are busy trying to get Cliff Lee, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter to a contract. Those are valuable talking points than talking about a meaningless hockey game in October.

The Islanders should have gotten attention about the firing of Scott Gordon few days ago, but they didn't. That organization is a mess, and they may not be playing in Long Island soon if they don't get a new arena, which seems to be likely. Besides firing a coach is nothing new. It's like that every two years ago. It gets old talking about it.

LaGreca's hockey show has low ratings anywhere. It shows no one in America is interested. So, for him to rant on NY talk show hosts, it's comical at best. This is what people call attention-seeking nut.

It's sad to see LaGreca behave like this. He wasn't like that at one time. He used to talk sports in a rational manner. He was always good with the callers. He was friendly back then.

This former LaGreca fan used to know him for years. He befriended him when he did a show on in 2000. This helped him get a gig at 1050, and he knew him personally for years.

For whatever reason, there was a falling out between us. This writer will take his fair share of blame for it. He acted like a buffoon when he ranted on NY sports back then. In fact, LaGreca sent him an email about how his behavior was a disgrace.

That's all well and good, but he is being a hypocrite by doing the exact same thing. Who is he kidding? Guess he has to act that way to make himself relevant in the NY market. After all, he can't do a solo show himself because he bores people. 1050 and Sirius/XM want him to work with a partner since that formula works out much better.

He shouldn't resort to that. It does not work that way to act like a cartoon character. If anything, it devalues his work. He is too good to do this type of stuff.

Also, attacking colleagues on sports radio is not a right way to go. It's bush league. Guys work hard at what they do to be treated like that. It's not their fault that LaGreca has a bland personality.

Roberts told this writer not to take LaGreca seriously, and he is not upset. That's fine, but what LaGreca is doing is not entertainment. It's a cry for help.

Craig Carton may be successful acting like an idiot every morning, but that does not constitute to good talk show. It forces the viewers to turn the dial on the radio.

What LaGreca should do is apologize on his radio show publicly. He should say he was wrong for attacking the hosts and telling the media what to do.

He should also mind his own business on what other people do, and just focus on trying to be the best talk show host.

Here's hoping the NHL tell LaGreca to stop the nonsense and act like an adult.


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