100 Facts About Bethany!! Part 2!!

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100 Facts About Bethany!!  Part 2!!

Here is part two, of my little ‘get to know me’ blog.

21.  I could spend hours watching random youtube videos.

22.  I am addicted to my twitter, and am always updating it…follow me if you’re into that sorta thing!!

23.  Every Tuesday I go grocery shopping, it’s my favorite night of the week.

24.  I want to be one of those ‘green’ people, but I don’t think I am motivated enough.

25.  I love watching Jon & Kate Plus 8, I think they do a great job with all those kids.

26.  My uncle owns a bunch of horses, and I love going down and riding them.  I have ‘MY’ horse, Houston, that is the best horse ever.

27.  I hate that I am addicted to celebrity gossip.  I can’t stop reading Perez.

28.  My phone is never more than a foot away from me.  I have a blackberry and it is my life.

29.  My comfort food is peanut butter, that’s probably not all that strange.

30.  When I am asleep, and I dream, I have very vivid dreams.

31.  I have written a novel, and a childrens book.  I still have a little more work on them to get them finished, but I WILL finish them, and they WILL be published.

32.   Shy people kind of annoy me.  I used to be shy, and it’s just so pointless.

33.  I sleep with 5 pillows (3 small ones 2 body pillows), and without them I am doomed.

34.  I want to kiss in the rain.

35.  I once got lost in the woods at a camp, we ended up walking 17 miles in 100* heat.

36.   I want a big family…someday.

37.  I think it’s weird when people give their kids all the same initials.

38.  I have never lived in a house by myself, when I move to Columbus it will be my first time, I can’t wait.

39.   I bought an Apple computer without ever using one, I will never buy anything other than a Mac.

40.  I have over 175 DVD’s.

41.  I don’t believe in home schooling, I mean really…who is smart enough to teach every subject from kindergarten to senior?

42.  I love scented candles.

43.  My favorite pizza is ham and pineapple.  YUM.

44.  I have been on a health kick the last few months…except for this week…oops.

45.  I text WAY too much.

46.  I fall asleep on the phone at least 4 times a week.

47.  I’m not a Sidney Crosby fan…shocker I know.

48.  I have an obsession with Russian names, and want to name my boys Russian names.

49.  I said my first cuss word in 9th grade.

50.  I do NOT wear shorts.  Only pants for this girl.

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