NHL Power Rankings: All 30 NHL Teams' Heaviest Hitters

Doug GausepohlCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2016

NHL Power Rankings: All 30 NHL Teams' Heaviest Hitters

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    While hitting has been a heavy topic of the day—my article on Brandon Meriweather's Sunday hit on Todd Heap in the NFL was part of it—why not continue the trend?

    This slideshow will feature the hardest hitters on all 30 NHL teams.  Now keep in mind, the 30 hitters won't be ranked (because outside of the top five or so, how in the hell can you honestly rank the rest?). Rather they are listed in order of the team name (Anaheim, Atlanta, etc.) along with a YouTube video featuring a hit they've laid on some poor, innocent victim.

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Anaheim Ducks—Corey Perry

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    Anaheim has some big boys on its squad (Sheldon Brookbank, George Parros), but Corey Perry is known as one of the more aggressive players in the league.  Let this video (and his penalty minutes) tell the story.

Atlanta Thrashers—Dustin Byfuglien

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    When you can take down one of the largest men in the NHL like that, I think you've earned your spot as one of the heaviest hitters in the league, let alone in Atlanta. The Thrashers will benefit from his grittiness and experience.

Boston Bruins—Milan Lucic

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    Milan Lucic became a fan favorite in 2008-09 for hits like this. And Jack Edwards was right when he said that this will be on highlight reels for about a decade. He plastered Van Ryn into that glass.

Buffalo Sabres—Tyler Myers

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    The Sabres' 6'8'' prospect came up in the middle of last season and won the Calder Trophy, impressing voters with his poise on the ice at the extremely young age of 19.  This year, he's been in a bit of a slump, but he still has this hit on his resume so far.

Calgary Flames—Ian White

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    Ian White isn't a big guy.  He's just 5'10'', and weighs 185 pounds.

    But as this clip with him as a Maple Leaf shows, he isn't afraid to send bodies flying.

Carolina Hurricanes—Tim Gleason

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    Gleason isn't a guy known for his booming checks that send guys into the fourth row (like Lucic), but he's one of the masters of hip-checks like these.

Chicago Blackhawks—Tomas Kopecky

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    Kopecky gives Lucic some competition for the "best hit that shattered glass" award.

Colorado Avalanche—David Koci

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    Yes, it's a dirty hit (clearly), but this is the heaviest hitters list, not the cleanest hitters list. This was certainly the definition of a heavy hit.

Columbus Blue Jackets—Mike Commodore

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    Here is a clip of Commodore laying out everyone's favorite citizen, Sean Avery.

Dallas Stars—Steve Ott

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    Here is Dallas right winger Steve Ott performing a huge hip-check on an unfortunate St. Louis Blues player.

Detroit Red Wings—Niklas Kronwall

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    Kronwall might have the best name, as far as defensemen go, in the game.  KronWALL.  It just fits.  Havlat sure hit a wall on this clip.

Edmonton Oilers—Steve MacIntyre

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    MacIntyre completely lays out Kris Letang in the very beginning of this clip.

Florida Panthers—Dennis Wideman

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    If this hit is any indication of what type of intensity the Panthers will get out of Wideman, they'll be pretty pleased.

Los Angeles Kings—Willie Mitchell

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    Mitchell completely destroys Jonathan Toews in this clip.  This may be the most devastating clip on the list so far.

Minnesota Wild—Cal Clutterbuck

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    Cal Clutterbuck is known as one of the biggest hitters in the entire league.  This video indicates the reasoning behind that pretty clearly.

Montreal Canadiens—Roman Hamrlik

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    Here's the first clip of one of the hitters already named in this list, being one of the victims.  Milan Lucic, here's a little dose of your own medicine.

Nashville Predators—Shea Weber

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    The hits into the benches are always my favorites.  They're probably the most dangerous since skates are flying dangerously too close to faces, but they're just fun to watch.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

New Jersey Devils—Anton Volchenkov

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    Everyone's second favorite citizen, Daniel Carcillo, is drilled by Volchenkov in his days as a Senator in this clip.

New York Islanders—James Wisniewski

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    He's my new favorite player because of the gesture he gave Sean Avery last week.  He should be yours too.

New York Rangers—Derek Boogaard

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    I really can't stand this hitter's last name.  It just reeks of a goon.  No offense, Derek.

Ottawa Senators—Chris Neil

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    Chris Neil may be one of the dirtiest hitters on this list, if not the dirtiest, but he has certainly contributed his fair share of interesting YouTube clips.

Philadelphia Flyers—Chris Pronger

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    Probably the most well-known player to make this list.  And the only player to make it with an eight-minute highlight reel dedicated to him.

Phoenix Coyotes—Ed Jovanovski

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    Jovanovski punishes Kopecky, the second player to return to the list as a victim, in this clip.

Pittsburgh Penguins—Matt Cooke

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    Matt Cooke doesn't have the best reputation around the league, much of which stemmed from this hit on Marc Savard in March of last season.

San Jose Sharks—Ryane Clowe

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    Clowe pulls through with a nice, clean hit here.  On a side note, was that the first graphic that Versus used to show the score during a game?  It looks so old now.

St. Louis Blues—TJ Oshie

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    Oshie is one of the smallest men on this list so far, but he can sure pack a punch when he wants to.  For proof of that, see above.

Tampa Bay Lightning—Steve Downie

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    Steve Downie has a head-hunter reputation in the league.  This clip doesn't help his defense much.

Toronto Maple Leafs—Dion Phaneuf

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    Just the second (but will he be the last?) man to make this list with his own personal highlight reel of bone-shattering hits.

Vancouver Canucks—Keith Ballard

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    Keith Ballard is most well known for accidentally hitting Florida goaltender Tomas Vokoun in the head with his stick after a goal during his time as a Panther.

    But he's not a bad checking defenseman, either.

Washington Capitals—Alex Ovechkin

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    Ovechkin is extremely underrated when it comes to his physicality.  Here's about a three-minute explanation of why.