100 Facts About Bethany!!

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100 Facts About Bethany!!

This summer is getting super long and well, I have been out of touch with the internet, due to a vacation/summer classes/and internet crapping out on me.  I have decided to spice things up on the blog, and to help me ease into it, I am going to post 100 Facts about me.  My good friends, Finny, Sherry, and Heather B started this, and well it is going to be fun!!

1.  I’m a Journalism and Communications major with a minor in French.  It’s taken a long time to get here, but I am finally back in school and doing what I love.

2.  I love watching old family movies.  It reminds me of where I came from, and reminds me of my family members that I have lost.

3.  My parents are divorced.

4.  I’m moving to Columbus in the Summer of 2009, I can’t wait.  I am going to be a Buckeye!!

5.  I have a pet turtle named Rick Nash, (Elise named him) he is pretty freaking awesome.

6.  I’m scared of the dentist, so much that I have to get laughing gas to calm my nerves, it’s been a fear since I was little.

7.  My moms man friend is like another father to me, he was one of the first people I told that I am going to be writing for the school paper.

8.  My older brother and I hated each other growing up, now he is one of my best friends, and is expecting his first child any day now, a little girl.  They haven’t decided on a name, and they just built a house and can’t move in yet, I think they are nuts.

9.  I don’t have a favorite movie, it all depends on my mood and what is going on in my life, like right now, my favorite movie is Mamma Mia, I can’t stop listening to that cd.

10.  I love musicals, for Christmas my aunt got me tickets to Wicked, it was the greatest experience of my life.  Corny?  Yes, but I don’t care.

11.  I LOVE teen dramas and medical shows, The OC, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Scrubs, and Grey’s Anatomy are all shows that I can’t stop watching.

12.  I had a really good job (for someone with no education) at Fifth Third Bank,  I quit just so I could go back to school, it was the best decision I have ever made.

13.  I love cooking, I am always trying new recipes, and making up my own.

14.  My best friend and I have only known each other about 3 years.

15.  I love music, I always need to be singing, or listening to music.

16.  I can play the flute, piano, and drums.  I haven’t played in quite sometime, and probably should start again.

17.  I have an obsession with hockey.  I have started a hockey book collection, and movie collection.

18.  My dream job is to be working for the Montreal Gazette reporting on the Canadiens.

19.  I don’t dream of being rich, I dream of being a traveling reporter, doing what I love.

20.  I love taking naps.

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