How the New York Rangers Can Sign Mats Sundin and Address All Their Needs

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IAugust 18, 2008

I don't mean to beat a dead horse with yet another Sundin article, but as a writer covering the Rangers, there really is nothing else to talk about.

It has been confirmed that the Rangers are interested in Sundin and that the Swede himself is more then interested in the Rangers.

But there are problems, such as:

1) No cap space for New York

2) The need to trade a high-priced player.

3) Lack of depth on the blue line.

4) A cheaper answer to adding that sixth defenseman

So now, if I'm the GM of the Rangers, I know it will be no easy task to address the many problems that come with signing Mats Sundin.

But, there is one quick solution to problems one and two, and that's trading a high-priced player. There is absolutely no truth to the Rangers trading Chris Drury or Scott Gomez, the two centers of the future for this team, so the answer lies in trading a defenseman.

That D-man would be Michal Rozsival, who is making $5 million a season over the next four years. Rozsival could have easily gotten more then that in this offseason's market—and for that reason, his value is extremely high.

The Rangers will find plenty of buyers interesting in "Rozy," and, with his departure, the team would then have $7 million in cap space.

So cap space would be cleared up, and there would be more then enough money to sign Sundin. The Rangers could then give him $4 million, and maybe an extra $2-3 million in bonuses that do not count against the cap.

But, even if Sundin were signed and more cap space were generated, there would still be a problem—the lack of experience on the Rangers' blue line, with only Redden and Mara having major years of playing time.

To address problems three and four, the Rangers would then do the unthinkable in the eyes of their fans. I know I'm going to get shelled for this—but just remember, it's not the worst scenario.

The Rangers then re-sign Marek Malik for $1.5-2 million, which not only addresses the need for both a cheap defenseman, but one with experience—while still leaving the Rangers under the cap.

Fans are going to hate this idea, because Malik has become the whipping boy of the fan base over the last two seasons. His play had faltered a bit last season—but wouldn't yours, if you were booed every time you touched the puck?

In terms of defensive ability, Malik is equal to Rozsival if not better. Let's remember, even though Rozy has a good shot, his defense was atrocious last season.

Fans poured it on Malik, while simply forgetting about how bad Rozsival was because "he scores goals".

Think about it, and you may see it my way.

Either way, there will be people that love this idea or hate it, and there should be no in-betweens

Thank you for your time. Have a good night.