Kaitlin Gives Vickie Guerrero a Taste Of Her Own Medicine, Guerrero Cries

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2010

On 9/24/10's episode of Smackdown, I never thought that, I would see what I saw. Vickie Guerrero getting knocked down on her duff, by her rookie, Kaitlyn from the 3rd season of NXT.

Actually, this annomosity between the two, started when, Vickiee handpicked her, to be her rookie. Aloisa was Vickie's original Rookie, but was fired by Guerrero.

Kaitlyn replaced Aloisa on Sept. 12th. and there has been a sense of annomosity since then.She seems, somewhat shy.

Vickie, had to reintroduce her to NXT and the WWE Universe. Last week on NXT, the Divas were made to do some weird things.

The divas had to play a chair game. It had to do with timing. Kaitlyn was eliminated. To Vickie, that was a huge no no.

In tagteam action, Kaitlyn waqs to pin Naomi, but lost that match, when Naomi, reversed the pin. Again, Vickie got her bloomers in a tither.

In fact, after losing the match, that should've been an easy win, she was confronted by LayCool, Unified Women's Champions, gave her the smackdown, but not until after, Kaitlyn laid into Michelle McCool.

Kaitlyn wasn't going to just stand there, and take any crap from these two bimbos. They were there because of Vickie. She said that her rookie needed help.

Then, on Friday Night Smackdown!, the announcers were in the ring and the commentators were talking. The mouth of all mouths, interrupted what was going on in the ring.

"Excuse me" was said what seemed to be a hundred times. Vickie introduces the IC  and her "boyfriend" Dolph Ziggler. He struts his stuff, when he comes out, walking down to the ring.

Vickie has Kaitlyn walking, way behind them. Vickie goes to one side of the ring, Kaitlyn, on the other side. Ziggler is in the ring, waiting for his opponent.

MVP comes out, smiling, and gets into the squared circle. The match begins, and it is evenly matched. A few times, Ziggler was thrown out of the ring. Kaitlyn, goes and checks on him. He gets up and gets back in the ring.

Second time he gets thrown out, he is helped up by Kaitlyn. Vickie runs over and asks her what she was doing. Kaitlyn tries to explain.

Vickie pushes her and Kaitlyn gives it right back to Vickie by, knocking her on her duff. Guess kaitlyn has had enough of the mouth. She storms up the ramp and into the back.

Vickie is still on the floor, in a state of shock. Dolph gets into a tiff with her about the championship. Vickie is too embarrassed to stay out there any longer. She leaves the ringarea.

By this time, as she is walking towards the back, she covers her face and appears to be, crying. After a few minutes, Ziggler lets himself be counted out. MVP wins by count out.

The way this whole mess, from start til now, reminds of the Miz and Daniel Bryan. Basically it is the same. Kaitlyn is her own person, but has a little Daniel Bryan mixed in.

Think about it. Miz kept messing with Bryan, til he fought back. Same with Kaitlyn. One difference though, vickie is doing it because she thinks there is something going on between Ziggler and Kaitlyn.

If there is, Vickie will make sure Dolph Ziggler loses his belt. Kaitlyn will be out of NXT, but she can't control the WWE. Kaitlyn could possibly get a contract. That right there would send Vickie over the edge.

Rumors are flying, that LayCool and Vickie are going to face Kaitlyn in a match. This ought to be interesting. There most likely will be someone in Katelyn's corner, but who?

Maybe Kelly Kelly and a few NXT Divas. Will Dolph Ziggler come out? If by huge chance, whose corner will he be in? Very Interesting possibilities and deveopments.