Hawk Talk : First Edition

Michael Wagner@MichaelDWagnerSenior Analyst IAugust 11, 2008

This new series of articles produced by myself (Micahel Wagner) and Brandon Rudics is a round table discussion on everything Chicago Blackhawks. At first I wanted to do a podcast with Brandon but we figured it wouldn't work so we decided to use what we had, instant messaging. So we decided to create this series to discuss everything Chicago Blackhawks, I hope you enjoy.

Michael Wagner = MW   Brandon Rudics = BR


MW: Hello fellow Blackhawks fans and welcome to Hawk Talk where we discuss everything Chicago Blackhawks. I am Michael Wagner and my partner in crime is Brandon Rudics.

BR: Hello all hawks hopefuls!

MW: Tonight we will be discussing the Chicago Blackhawk off season, the new captain of the Blackhawks (Jonathan Toews), the Hawks cap predicament, our bold predictions and much more

MW: First some recent Blackhawks news:

The Blackhawks have re-signed center Pascal Pelletier to a one-year contract. Pelletier came to the Blackhawks from the Boston Bruins in exchange for center Martin St. Pierre on July 24, 2008.

The Chicago Blackhawks now have an official Page on Facebook.com appropriately named Blackhawks Book Check it out at:



BR: Hockey on facebook? Sweet!

MW: Yeah all you Blackhawks fans on facebook should become fans... Now we will move on to our off-season analysis. Brandon will be leading off with an analysis of the Brain Campbell signing...Take it away Brandon.

BR: Thanks Michael... well Brain Campbell was dynamite hockey player when he played for the Buffalo Sabres. And he did amazing when under Ron Wilson in San Jose. So I’m going to say, I’m very proud to have Brian Campbell on the blue line for Chicago Blackhawks this coming season. Campbell has put up good numbers over the past few seasons.In the 05-06 season he posted 44 points in 79 games, in 06-07 he put up 48 points in 82 games, and last season he got 62 points in 83 games.... so we see by the numbers, he is a very consistent defensemen......just what the hawk doc ordered!

BR: Take it away Michael.

MW: Great analysis Brandon, now I will be talking about Cristobol Huet and the under the radar signing of Matt Walker

MW: With the signing of Cristobol Huet the Blackhawks have solidified the goaltending situation but it has not helped the cap situation for the Blackhawks. Huet was a big part of the Captials playoff run and will compete with Nikolia Khabibulin for the starting goalie spot but the Blackhawks have almost $12 million tied up in goal. In my opinion the Blackhawks need to ship Khabibulin out of Chicago, this doesn't just free up cap space but also allows Corey Crawford to get some experience at he NHL level.

BR: I always say give the rookies some play time

MW: Yeah...we need cap relief too but we will get into that later

MW: An over looked signing for the Blackhawks was the signing of Matt Walker, defense man from the St' Louis Blues. Blackhawks fans will love this kid because he is hard nosed and not afraid to scrap with the biggest and the badest of the NHL, for example George Parros. This is a good move for the Blackhawks because Walker will fit in nicely with James Wisniewski out for an extended period of time.  Take a look at him on YouTube...some of his fights are quite entertaining.

BR: Ha-ha. I’m looking forward to seeing him deliver some entertaining scraps

MW: Yeah...I mean we have Burish, who is a terrible fighter and Ben Eager (Mr. Head Injury) so I can see Walker being the designated fighter. No offense to Adam Burish lovers

BR: The modern day Semenko?

MW: We will see, I'm sure Burish, Eager and possibly Byfuligen will get in their share of fights. But Walker is going to need to get out there when people start to go after Toews and Kane...heck even Havlat...if he makes it on the ice

BR: Ha-ha hopefully

MW: I don't want to see Toews get his lip split open again like last year vs the Canucks

BR: Its part of the game, at least Toews is no Sidney Crosby, whinny kid.

MW: Ha-ha

MW: On the topic of the young Mr. Toews, Brandon do you think that Jonathan is the right guy to be the captain of the team?

BR: Yes and no. I personally think a better captain is available, like Sharp, or Sopel, but Toews can do the job as well. He shows great leadership, and will for many years

MW: See I'm a huge Toews fan. I think he is the only chocie because that was the reason he was drafted by the Blackhawks. He leads by example out on the ice.

BR: He does great, but being that young, will it be advantageous for the Blackhawks to have him as captain?

MW: I think that it is a good idea to have your captain grow with the team. I think by doing this it will benefit the Blackhawks in the long term rather than the short term

BR: Good point

MW: Well moving on...The Blackhawks are over the cap and I am curious on how we are going to get under the cap. I have an article on the Bleacher Report about how I think the Hawks can get under...they have a few options

BR: Get rid of Khabibulin, that’s my choice.

MW: Option 1: Trade Khabibulin to the Kings for a winger. The Kings need to get to the cap floor and need a stop gap for their young goalie Beriner.

MW: Option 2: Some what outlandish but stay with me. Trade Khabibulin to the Lightning for Jussi Jokinen and Mike Smith. Then the Lightning trade Michael Ouellet to the Kings for a 4th round draft pick. There have been recent reports that they are shopping Jokinen and Ouellet

BR: Khabibulin back to Tampa? Jokinen would be a good fit in Chicago

MW: I agree, I think a Jokinen/Lang/Havlat line would be awesome

BR: Well if Havlat can stand by the second game

MW: Well if he gets hurt I think the Blackhawks will still be ok...you can move Big Buff or Ladd to the second line

BR: I love Ladd, I was a huge fan when he was in juniors, he is a great player

MW: This will be a great transition for our bold predictions. This will be a series where Brandon and I will make a bold prediction for certain Blackhawks player this season. This week’s edition will be Andrew Ladd. Brandon what is your bold prediction for Andrew?

BR: Assistant captain in the near future. He will be a great clutch player. Potential 2nd liner and top 10 for sure in Blackhawks scoring. I am excited to see what he will bring to the table this year. A good pick up for the hawks.

MW: My prediction for Ladd is really bold...I think Ladd will score 60 points for the Blackhawks and be in the top 5 in scoring with the Hawks. I agree with Brandon, I love this kid and his attitude. This Ruutu/Ladd trade might work out for both teams, a rarity.

BR: Having seen him in the juniors, this kid is an intense addition to an already intense team.

MW: I think if he is on the Blackhawks 3rd line he will tear apart other 3rd lines

BR: of course

MW: Plus Bolland will be his center...a great distributor

MW: Bolland is a kid to watch this year in my opinion

BR: Same with Skille

MW: I hope Skille makes this team

BR: Makes me tremble in my boots thinking of seeing him this year

MW: Quick question do you think that Craig Adams is a waste of a roster spot?

Granted he is cheap but I would rather see a young guy in there

BR: Who? Ha-ha, Yes i do think he is a waste/

MW: Ha-ha, yeah. I really do not care for him

BR: Who has heard of Craig Adams? Barely anyone, put in Skille

MW: I agree, I would like to see Skille/Bolland/Ladd on a line. But in our next episode we will give our proposed lines...

MW: I think that about wraps up our first ever Halk Talk. Got anything left to add Brandon

BR: I do, How about Brent Seabrook? Isn’t he amazing? I think he would be a great assistant captain. I just thought I would throw that out there.

MW: Seabs deserves one of the A’s, he is a great leader

BR: We call this Hawk Talk, because we are the Hawk Docs.

BR: Back to you Michael

MW: Thanks Brandon...

MW: That was awesome

BR: Over and out

MW: Well everyone thank you for reading our first edition of Halk Talk. We are looking to make this a weekly article on the Bleacher Report and if you have anything you would like us to discuss shoot me an email, the address in on my profile or leave me a note.

MW: I'm Michael Wagner

BR: And I’m Brandon Rudics

MW: And we are the Hawks Docs

MW: Catch you next time on Hawk Talk


Hope everyone enjoy...looking forward to a fun year with Brandon and yes we are the Hawk Docs.


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