Why Matt Hardy, and Aloisia should consider joining TNA

SlamZillaContributor ISeptember 16, 2010

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Matt Hardy, and his future with WWE.  From the looks of it, Hardy is on thin ice as far as staying with the company is concerned.

Aloisia, or Isis The Amazon as she was known before her very brief stint on NXT, is now officially a free agent once again.  She will be available for independent bookings soon.

     So, let us start with Aloisia.  The two big questions to ask are, should she try to join TNA, and would they even want her?  In this case, I feel the obvious answer to both questions should be yes.  Aloisia, before NXT was on the independent scene, and virtually nobody knew who she was.  Even though her time on NXT was brief, it got her a whole lot of attention, especially since she was bounced from the show for what are still considered, questionable reasons.  This has raised her stock, and if she is smart, she will try to strike while the iron is hot.  Since she was not signed to a contract, or even brought back to FCW, she doesn’t have to wait 90 days for a no compete clause to run out.  Aloisia, or Isis, could conceivably show up in TNA as early as October.

     But would TNA be interested?  The Knockouts division is currently a mess.  They have lost a lot of talent, and Hogan/Bischoff don’t seem very interested in investing in new women.  But, should they decide to rebuild, and begin adding talent again, then they should definitely be interested.  If for no other reason, than to stick it in the face of WWE.  Aloisia has been a hot topic lately, and the sooner they could get her in a TNA ring, the faster they could get all that attention focused on their product.  Whether or not she is any good in the ring, would almost be secondary.  In fact, she wouldn’t even need to wrestle right away.  Matt Morgan was the bodyguard for Jim Cornette, for what seemed like an eternity before he actually started to compete.  It would just be the wow factor of having this 6 ‘ 9 ‘ amazon showing up that would benefit them.  And we all know how much they love to pull the old shock and awe out of the bag.  But for now,  we will just have to wait and see if  TNA shows any interest.

     Now lets move on to Hardy.  The same two questions, of whether he would want to join, and would TNA want him.   This one is a little different.  As it stands right now, with Hardy being in the doghouse with WWE, he seems to be very close to getting “future endeavoured”  But doe’s Hardy really want to go?  Matt seems to really try to live up to his, never die persona in the ring.  And he wants to capture a World Championship before he is done with WWE. ( no the ECW Title doesn’t count )  So, despite his recent troubles, I am not so sure that Matt is ready to go just yet.  Having said that, I feel that Matt Hardy becoming a World Champion in WWE, is about as likely as The Great Khali pulling off Starship Pain.  It could happen, but I seriously doubt it.  But until Matt realizes this, he will stick around for as long as the WWE will have him.

     But what if he does get dumped?   If Matt gets himself fired, then naturally he will want to join his brother in TNA.  It is a much easier schedule, and the 90 day no compete clause would give him ample time to rest up, and get himself in good condition for a debut with a new company.

     Would TNA want to sign him?   Again, I think the answer here is yes.  They already have Jeff, and the opportunity to reunite the Hardy Boyz would be something they would not be able to resist.  Matt would not be a game changer, or even a huge ratings draw, but he would add some excitement to the show.  As we have seen in the past, former WWE stars can have a fresh start in TNA.  Christian, Kurt Angle, The Pope, and Mr Anderson, are all examples of what can happen when that second chance works.  So why not Matt? 

     Of course these are two completely different situations.  With Aloisia, we have somebody who can sign right away, but does TNA want her?  And in the other, we have Hardy, who TNA would definitely sign, if only he was available.  I think TNA would benefit from having both of them, but for now I think it is safe to say that they can only have one.


By Bruce Shearon.