WWE’s Rated PG Stars head to head. Andre The Giant vs The Big Show

SlamZillaContributor ISeptember 14, 2010

For the sixth match in the best of seven series, pitting the PG stars from the 80′s against their current counterparts of the now PG era WWE, we come to the biggest one of them all.  And it is the biggest, simply because of the sheer size of the men involved.  Andre the giant, vs The Big Show.

Andre The Giant.   I seriously doubt that there is a single person out there who does not know who this man is. And his status as a legend in the business is set in stone.  Of course some of the facts about this man and his accomplishments have been a little fudged over the years.  He was always billed at being 7 ’4′  When in actuality he was closer to 6 ’9′ to maybe 6 ’11′  depending on who you asked.  And his weight really did fluctuate between 400 to 550.  It was also said that Andre went undefeated for 15 years.  This of course wasn’t exactly true either, as he did have a couple of losses in Mexico and Japan.  But in the WWF, he never did lose by pinfall or submission until his big match with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 3.  And even then, it wasn’t a given that Hogan would beat The Giant.  Because when it came down to it, nobody could really ever beat the man, unless he let them.   To this day, any big man, or giant in pro wrestling is always going to be compared to Andre.

The Big Show.    Paul Wight, or as he is better known, The Big Show got his start in WCW in 1995.  Back then, he was simply known as “The Giant”  And for a very brief time, he also referred to himself as, the son of Andre.  He began a feud with Hulk Hogan, claiming to be the son of Andre the giant, and blamed Hogan for his fathers death.  Thankfully they dropped this gimmick.  Big Show is billed at being 7 feet tall, and around 585 pounds.  Which on paper is smaller than Andre, but in actuality, he is probably at least the same size, or perhaps an inch taller.  The difference  however is the fact that Big Show is the more athletic of the two.  Even in Andre’s early days, you wouldn’t see too many drop kicks from the guy, let alone being superplexed, like Show was, by Brock Lesnar.  Another thing that Big Show has over his Giant opponent, is the fact that he as won 4 World Championships to Andre’s one. 

     So, who would actually win in a battle between these two giants?   Its no doubt that Big Show is the more mobile of the two, and has a great knockout punch, but lets face it, he would be up against Andre The Giant.  Even Andre didn’t quite know how strong he was, but one thing was perfectly clear during his time in pro wrestling.  Nobody, could measure up to him, and nobody could beat him.

Winner…..  Andre The Giant.


By Bruce Shearon.