NHL Today (9/13): Devils, Ribeiro, Neal, Bergfors, Pavelski, Radulov, and More

John TaboneCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2010

Will he still be a Devil this time in two years?
Will he still be a Devil this time in two years?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images


New Jersey Devils

There's some information coming from New Jersey today. Apparently, the Devils are still looking to add a puck-moving defenseman even though they're a few million dollars over the cap already. I guess it could work out if the other team is taking back more salary. 

Also, there's some speculation that the Devils will not have enough money to re-sign star Zach Parise in 2012. I'd think they'd do anything to get him re-signed. Even if that means moving Brodeur, Zajac, or other assets.


Mike Ribeiro

Various sources are saying that Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk has met with Mike Ribeiro and has told him that he will not be traded any time soon. I guess those Kaberle-for-Ribeiro rumors were false a few weeks ago?


James Neal

Nieuwendyk has a lot on his plate lately. Sources are saying that negotiations continue to drag on between RFA winger James Neal and the Dallas Stars. However, Nieuwendyk has stated that the talks might take longer than expected and will probably go into training camp. 

Neal most likely won't be moved, but the Stars are stacked on the left wing and they are looking for some help on defense. More on this soon.


Niclas Bergfors

Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting via Twitter that the Atlanta Thrashers have reached an "agreement" with RFA winger Niclas Bergfors for a contract worth $900,000. It seems like both sides have a plan. The Thrashers get him cheap for a year and Bergfors gets a chance to cash-in next offseason.


Joe Pavelski

A few sources are saying that the next captain of the San Jose Sharks could be Joe Pavelski. After another disappointing playoff performance by the Sharks, there could be a change of power in the dressing room. Pavelski had a spectacular offseason and is the heart of the team. He is definitely part of the Sharks' young core and could be named captain shortly. 


Alexander Radulov

I bet you weren't expecting to see his name here, huh? According to a few sources, the Nashville Predators could be inviting defector and winger Alexander Radulov back soon. If you don't remember, Radulov bolted to the KHL out of nowhere while under contract with the Nashville Predators. Ever since, there have been speculation that he would come back, but not with the Preds. Many believed that his rights would be traded.

If indeed he does come back, Predators' management would be ecstatic. For years now, the Predators have dressed a star defense, but have failed to do the same on offense. Although Radulov would have to deal with the shame of leaving his team, I think his return would be better for both the team and Radulov himself. 


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! 

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