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Nucks IceManCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 24:  Goalie Jaroslav Halak #41 of the Montreal Canadiens guards the net against the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Wachovia Center on May 24, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well now that the two month Ilya Kovalchuk saga is over, the NHLPA and NHL have resolved and clarified the issue on that one and other long term contracts, we can now get down to other matters.

Maybe the Montreal Canadiens made, well let’s call it a miscalculation, in trading goaltender Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues.

Seems like the hockey mad and highly intelligent Hab fans wanted to pay their condolences to the popular Halak, as 5,000 of them lined up for an autograph session in Montreal and another 5,000 were turned away.

Talk about a surprised Halak. He must be hoping he will get that same type of love in St. Louis.

The Habs must be awfully sure that Carey Price can be the number one guy because if not it will be a long season and the fans will not be kind to Price.

Hey Carey, would you like your pressure, medium, hot or broiled?


Jonathan Cheechoo’s fall from grace has landed him in Dallas for a tryout with the Stars. I guess when you go from 56 goals five years ago while with the San Jose Sharks to five goals last year with the Ottawa Senators, you don’t have a lot of teams knocking on your door.

Was Cheechoo that good five years ago or could it have been the line he was on, with Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau?


Mario Lemieux received the Order of Canada on Friday and was invested as an officer.  Now was this for his accomplishments in hockey because no one has been able to tell me why?


Lemieux declined interview requests after the ceremony. Maybe he was puzzled too!


Recent headlines from Nashville, Tennessee - Nashville Predators owners complete deal to buy jailed financier's shares. Yes it was those shares formerly held by William “Boots” Del Biaggio the III.

As if the NHL does not have enough problems supporting those markets where the fans have voted in numbers by not showing up, they need headlines like this? Hey people wasn’t this the guy that was trying to buy another one of those sick teams in the Phoenix Coyotes?

I say pack them all up and move those money - losing, southern US teams where no one cares, back to Canada! At least we understand and love our hockey up here.


So what happened to the NHLPA and their talk about hiring Donald Fehr as their Executive Director? Was it maybe the $7.5 million dollars they would have had to shell out until 2012?

The PA has been a ship without a rudder for a year since they ran out former E.D. Paul Kelly last August of 2009. And they wonder why the NHL Board of Governors doesn't take them seriously.


Nothing much to report about the Vancouver Canucks these days as we sit patiently waiting for the Prospects camp to open on Friday September 10. Even though it is closed to the public, I’m wondering if they will let me have a quick peek.

But then again, there’s only a few that I did not see in last season’s camp and with this year’s version of the Canucks, not too many open spots anyways. Well maybe management will have a long look at Cody Hodgson and Jordan Schroeder.

I have found out that all eight games of the Young Stars Tournament between Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Anaheim will be available live on

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