Will Shaw and Sportsnet One Resolve Their Differences for Vancouver Canuck Fans

Nucks IceMan@nucksiceman@twitter.comCorrespondent IMay 23, 2016

Interesting Tweets happening these days from various sources about the new Sportsnet One channel and Shaw Communications.

Dan Murphy from Sportsnet Pacific tweeted a couple of hours ago that Sportsnet One may do five Vancouver Canucks pre-season games but of course this has yet to be confirmed.

It seems the fans are being held hostage here as SPN1 and Shaw are arguing over rights and of course money.

Since Sportsnet is part of Shaw’s cable package, no one knows whether this will be included in the current HD line-up or not.

This could result in viewers having to cough up some more hard earned dollars to watch the Canucks on the new Sportsnet One, when this situation is resolved.

If you remember I mentioned in an article on the Canucks Summer Summit, which was announced at that time, that the Canucks were going to break from the pay-TV games broadcast by Shaw but that they would be carried on another network.

It was assumed by most of us that this would be broadcast on a current HD channel, which most of us that watch sports, are already paying for. The only reason that I can see launching another sports channel like Sportsnet One would be to grab some revenue, by forcing fans to add it to their cable packages.

I would also like to point out the rights that sports fans have and can exercise. They can question this tactic and contact Shaw and Sportsnet about their concerns, as everyone knows that the collective voices are better recognized in mass.

Also you can bet that the Canucks are involved in this since they are the supplier of the product and this product is in demand in Western Canada.

This may be all to do about nothing anyways because if this extra cost is only say $3.00 dollars instead of $15.00 dollars per game, that’s peanuts to most fans.

Anyways as my last viewed Dan Murphy Tweet says, “Don't panic folks. Nux are one of SNets biggest properties. Why broadcast if no-one can watch?”