Fernando Pisani & Nick Boynton Signed: Any More Moves With Remaining Space?

Ethan WatermanContributor IAugust 21, 2010

OTTAWA, ON - NOVEMBER 10: Fernando Pisani #34 of the Edmonton Oilers skates against the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place on November 10, 2009 in Ottawa, Canada.  (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)
Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

    Two weeks ago, I said the Blackhawks had finally put the team together. Now with Fernando Pisani and Nick Boynton on board, the Blackhawks have more options and a better team overall.
    Pisani and Boynton will play October 7. Pisani is a good two-way forward that will be a leader in the dressing room. Boynton already has made contributions to the Blackhawks and further solidifies the defense. Both of them have wisdom to pass onto the younger players that will be on the team during the regular season. Also, with them on the team, the Blackhawks have 14 NHL ready forwards and 10 reliable defensemen.
    Players like Kyle Beach, Shawn Lalonde, and Jake Dowell have never played consistently in the NHL (Dowell played in three games and collected one goal and one assist). Pisani will replace either Dowell or Beach, depending on who has the better training camp. Meanwhile, Boynton will most probably get the nod instead of Lalonde since Lalonde has only played in 12 professional games (all in the AHL). This gives time for these young players to hone their skills in Rockford.
    These two players are spectacular for Stan Bowman, since they’re veteran guys that are surprisingly cheap. Both of their salaries combined are less than Kyle Beach’s salary is. Add the fact that they have much more experience than Beach, the young prospect will have to make some noise in training camp to play at the NHL level.
    Obviously, changes will be made to accommodate Boynton and Pisani. Here’s a revised roster:

Line 1:    Kane           Toews         Brouwer
Line 2:    Kopecky       Sharp          Hossa
Line 3:    Pisani          Bolland        Stalberg
Line 4:    Skille            Dowell        Bickell

Pair 1:      Keith           Seabrook
Pair 2:     Campbell       Hjalmarsson
Pair 3:      Boynton        Hendry

Starting Goalie:            Turco
Backup Goalie:            Crawford

For salaries, go to hawkscap.com

    By taking Lalonde and Beach off the roster, the Blackhawks shed over $900,000 in salary. This saves yet another headache for Stan Bowman and leaves room for trades. Bowman finally can relax after five trades, eleven signings, and three players lost (due to free agency and arbitration) shed $15 million in salary.
    As of today, that Blackhawks have an astounding $4.854 million in salary cap space! With that kind of money, the Blackhawks have so many different options. So, does Bowman try to get Byfuglien back? Does he try to trade away Campbell? Is yet another new face coming to Chicago?