Top 10 NHL Jerseys of All Time

Bobby Brooks@BrooksBetsAnalyst IIIAugust 15, 2010

Top 10 NHL Jerseys of All Time

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    One does not have to go too far in hockey history to discover some horrifyingly bad jerseys.  A few of the current jerseys are not much better proving once again that new school is not always the best school.

    However, when it comes to the best of the best, there are a handful of gems that stand the test of time. 

    All aspects of the jersey design were considered—with the logo taking on premium importance in the point system.

    Traditionally the Original Six own these lists, but one of them did not make my top 10 this time around.  Two alternates crack the pack and one jersey might be making an NHL comeback sooner than we think.

    Let's take a look at the best jerseys that are easy on the eyes.

10 - Pittsburgh Penguins - Winter Classic

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    Slipping into the top 10 is a vintage jersey brought back from the 1968-1971 seasons.   The Penguins eventually dropped the name around the logo heading into the 1972 season and eventually changed to the current colors in 1980.

    This newcomer to the list sports the ultra-cool powder blue much like the classic San Diego Charger jersey.

    It was originally worn for the Winter Classic in 2008 and subsequently adopted as the alternate jersey.     

9 - St Louis Blues - Alternate

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    The St. Louis blues have never won a cup.   They have also have a questionable history of jersey designs.  

    However, they hit a home run with this new design.   It pays tribute to the city's famous Gateway Arch while still maintaining the blue note logo.   This jersey mixes the old with the new and finds itself at number nine on the list.

    Pretty slick.

8 - Winnipeg Jets

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    Say what you will about the legacy of this small town team, but their jersey remains the best one the Finnish Flash ever wore.In fact, it is possible that the jersey made Teemu Selanne a fraction faster as he smashed the rookie scoring record with 76 goals.   

    Okay well maybe not, but this version of the sweater from the 1990s continues to be a fan favorite.  

    It was originally a design used for the 1976 New York Rangers but the fans rejected it.   General Manager John Furguson brought the idea to the Jets and the rest was history. 

    In fact, we could be seeing this classic back in action soon (sorry, Coyote fans).

7 - Buffalo Sabres - Throwback

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    With an updated design this throwback makes a huge return to the top 10 list.   The old logo is a classic and was a hit with disgruntled Sabres fans.  If they had their way, it would stay as their permanent home/away jerseys.

    The team abandoned the original design in 1996 and have toyed with four or five variants since then.  

    We are all thankful the powers that be in Buffalo finally came to their senses and brought back what works.

6 - New York Rangers

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    The first of five Original Six teams hits the list at No. 6.   It is hard to argue with the classics.   Abandoned in 1976 for two seasons before returning to this one, it has stuck around as the predominant design for the Rangers.

    A few variations were used such as the Statue of Liberty and New York on the front, but this is the one the fans identify with.

    In 2007, management made a special request and had the edges hemmed in order to have a straight-looking tail.  

5 - Boston Bruins

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    The B's have introduced an alternate jersey featuring a bear logo and even included the bear logo on the shoulders of the updated originals. Yet, their time-honored B keeps them number five on the list.

    The B logo was not adopted by the team until their 25th season in 1948 and they haven't looked back.

    Whether the jersey elicits memories of Bobby Orr, Cam Neely, or Tuukka Rask they will always be a symbol of hockey.

4 - Montreal Canadiens

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    There is a common misconception that the H inside the C stands for Habs or Habitants and was perpetuated by American owner Tex Rickard in 1924.  

    In fact, it represented the change in 1917 when they became known as Club de hockey Canadien from Club athlétique Canadien.

    The jersey itself may have an updated look thanks to the Reebok Edge revamp, but the design remains the same and is synonymous with hockey.

3 - Detroit Red Wings

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    Detroit went through two name changes before finally settling on the Red Wings in 1924.   They originally positioned the wheel directly below the neckline which resulted in an off-center design.  

    They are one of the few teams that has never messed with their jersey and I would like to put forth a huge thank you on behalf of fans everywhere.

    They may have slipped to No. 3 on the list, but this is one jersey that will always be high on the list.

2 - Vancouver Canucks - Throwback

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    Currently the alternate jersey for the Canucks, this gem has had a difficult road back into the rotation.   It has always been an outright fan favorite in Vancouver and eventually the corporate big wigs caved in.

    The Canucks went through an identity crisis for almost three decades but found themselves again when the Johnny Canuck inspired "stick-in-rink" returned. 

    This design only lasted a mere three seasons before the organization changed it to one of the ugliest jerseys in NHL history.   For those that are not familiar, check them out on YouTube. 

    Thankfully the balance in the NHL universe has been restored as this throwback lands in the runner-up spot.

1 - Chicago Blackhawks

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    Nothing helps an image like winning.   As Stanley Cup champions, the Hawks are back on top.   Yet, their jersey has been widely recognized as the best in the league even when they were cellar-dwellers.

    In 2008, The Hockey News voted their logo as the best in the NHL—and with good reason.

    They went through seven different logo designs before finally settling on the current one in 1955.  Inspired by Chief Black Hawk of the Sauk nation, the first owner of the team adopted the name and it has remained a vintage classic ever since.

    Now Chicago fans can wear their jersey proud as Stanley Cup winners—and not just because it looks so good.