Tomas Kaberle: Toronto's Best Options In Kaberle Trade

John SzurlejAnalyst IAugust 14, 2010

TORONTO - APRIL 6: Tomas Kaberle #15 of the Toronto Maple Leafs skates up the ice during a NHL game against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Air Canada Centre on April 6, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
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If the Toronto Maple Leafs are, in fact, going to trade star defenseman Tomas Kaberle by Sunday; and if they are looking for a team that can satisfy the high demands that accompany such a deal; there are very limited options in which the team's management can look to.

Toronto is in desperate need of scoring.  They are no longer interested in developing talent, as the front office has been stated as saying they are looking for players that can adapt quickly and contribute immediately.

As if the Maple Leafs are looking for the "just add water" formula that will instantly turn them around, there isn't much on the market by way of trades.

Considering that Leafs' General Manager Brian Burke must make a move by Sunday or lose the window in Kaberle's trade clause, Burke alleges that they're are several teams whom had made  offers.

If so, then why not make the trade?

I don't think there is something that actually is out there, and won't be surprised if the Leafs stay put and speculate their way through another year of Kaberle trade talks.

If something does happen, I wouldn't be surprised if these teams wind up with a superstar blue liner by training camp.

Phoenix, Washington, New Jersey, Columbus, and Minnesota.

The front runners in this grouping would be the Washington Capitals and New Jersey Devils.

In both systems, the teams have several players and draft picks that can be packaged together for Toronto that may be too enticing to let pass them.

With Washington, a possible combination of Kaberle for Fleishman,Schultz and a draft pick is a good starting point.  The younger Fleishman brings a much needed jolt to the offense which Toronto is in sore need of. 

If New Jersey can place Clarkson,Zubrus, a first or second round draft pick, and prospect on the table, It would provide benefit to Toronto as well as New Jersey.

Toronto would get two offensive players in return for the defensemen, and help NJ rid themselves of Zubrus whom obviously struggles tremendously in the NJ system.

In each case, the Toronto Maple Leafs can benefit.

The other teams such as Phoenix,Columbus, and Minnesota are considerably less equip with trade bait, however, they still posses key players that Toronto may be interested in obtaining.

The aforementioned teams also have a deeper prospect roster they can draw from as the Devils and Capitals have moved some athletes to the NHL and have not had tremendous drafts overall in the past three years.

Players that could be a fit for Toronto...

Phoenix could offer Wojtek Wolski,Scottie Upshall, and Petr Prucha.

Columbus may include Derrick Brassard,and RJ Umburger, while Minnesota can simply offer Pierre-Marc Bouchard and a ton of drafts.

The last three teams have a far cry in this case, however they may still have something that Toronto may need more than players, money.

Either way, If there is a trade that happens both teams, who ever they may be, will benefit from the transaction.

Unfortunately I don't think that it will happen by Sunday and therfore drag us into another season of the Kaberle watch.




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