NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs & Boston Bruins

Smiley GimbelCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2010

NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs & Boston Bruins

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    It's not like Boston's ever been "burned" by dealing with Toronto.  Quite the contrary - dealing with the Leafs has built the Boston franchise with such pivotal pieces as Tuuka Rask, Mark Stuart & Tyler Seguin.  Names Bruins fans will be hearing for years to come.

    It's no secret that the Bruins are desperate to shed some salary.  And one Bruin who may be expendable is Marc Savard. Boston certainly doesn't have to deal him.  But what are their choices?

    It should also be noted that it may not be Kaberle that goes over to Boston, unless the deal were expanded to shed more than just Savards salary.

    It could very reasonably involve a package including Grabovski, Kulemin, Finger, Beaucheman, Mitchell, Hanson and/or one of our better prospects. Possibly even Billy Sweatt if Boston wanted him before August 15th.

    What Boston players would be returning?

    Here are my guesses.

Marc Savard

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    Age 33.

    33 points in 41 games.  Cap hit of 4mil.

    An injury risk and one bad hit away from retiring due to a severe concussion received last year by the nefarious Matt Cooke.

    It's no secret that Marc Savard is a player they'd like to move.  He has a very limited trading clause that includes only 5 teams.  Four of those 5 teams are tight against the cap.  Toronto being the 5th team.

    Make no mistake: Boston doesn't HAVE to trade him to a division rival.  They could very well just keep him. But if the opportunity is there a deal - to offload him without making it look too bad - then Chia-Pete will do it.

Michael Ryder

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    Age 30. 

    Lastt year he played in all 82 games and score 18 goals.  Making 4 million/year he's in the last year of his contract before becoming a UFA.

    Will he be motivated to score another 30 goals?  I can tell you this: Boston would dump him in a New York second. The question is, does anyone have the room to fit him in.

    Also can someone tell me if his contract allows him to be waived?  Maybe he can go the way of Cheechoo & possibly Finger.


Marco Sturm

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    Age 32. 

    37 points in 76 games with a cap hit of 3.5mil.

    Injured and not expected in the lineup until November at the latest.

    Could be a nice fit for Toronto on the bottom six and on penalty killing.

Joe Colborne

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    Age 20

    41 ppoints in 39 games for the University of Denver.  Cap hit of 1.1 mil

    He could be the prize in any salary dump + Kaberle scenario.  Or a salary dump plus one of our defensive prospects.

    Boston has a plethoria of young centers coming up, and granted, players can shift to the wing, in this case it would be a waste as Colborne is a natural center. As well, Joe is a top six forward.  He would be wasted on the bottom six.

    In Toronto, he'd have a real shot at the top six as Kadri can easily shift to left wing as he has several times in his junior career.

Jamie Arniel

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     Age 20

     28 points in 67 games for the Providence Briuns, and a cap hit of 701k.

    A deal that includes a salary cap dump and/or Kaberle could include this two-way forward prospect.

Zach Hamill

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    Age 21

    44 points in 75 games for the Providence Bruins, with a 1.3 mil cap hit.

    Again, this would be part of a salary dump/Kaberle deal.

    A feisty, solid 3rd line center prospect that will have a tough time cracking the Bruins line up as a center.

    This is a player who can play wing as well in the bottom six so any chance of the Leafs getting him is strictly in a bigger deal.

..endless summer rumors....

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    Personally, dealing with Boston gives me the hibbie jibbies.  Maybe it's bad karma for Darryl Sittler's 10 point game embarrassment of the Bruins in 1976.

    Either way, we seem to always get our fleece picked with them.

    That said, Boston does continously get brought up in trade rumors with the Leafs this and past summers, and Kaberle has always been a Boston favorite. 

    And he would sign an extension with them if traded there.

    The only deal I'd like to see?

    Savard, Sturm or Ryder, & Colborne


    Kaberle & Mitchell & Bill Sweatt's rights for 5 days. 

    Plus their 2011 1st round pick if Kaberle signs an extension.