Back in a Flash: Teemu Selanne Decides to Return to the Ducks

Todd CordellCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010

Just a few days ago, one of the all-time greats Teemu Selanne told a Finnish website that he does intend to return to the Anaheim Ducks for at least one more season. 

"I made the decision to continue my career. In fact, it has been clear for a long time. Negotiations are now ready to begin and I hope that the names are already in the paper the next few days."

Last season Selanne proved he can still play by scoring 27 goals in just 54 games, which is remarkable for anyone, especially at that age.

In an interview after the season, Selanne said that his family wants him to play as long as he can. It is also worth noting that Selanne himself said he wants to play until he no longer has the skill set to do so. Based on last year's performance, it looks like that may be two or three years away.

On a side note, rumors have been circulating that the "Finnish Flash" hopes that one of his former teammates, Paul Kariya, will return to Anaheim with him.

"I have spoken with Paul and Anaheim about it. Paul's been waiting for my decision and hopefully things will roll from now on."

Whether Kariya does return to the Ducks or not remains to be seen, but with Selanne pushing management, the amount of available cap space the Ducks have, and Paul Kariya's determination to return to Anaheim and win, it seems more than likely.


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