Vancouver Canucks: Thoughts Percolating in the Hot Summer Sun

Nucks IceMan@nucksiceman@twitter.comCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2010

Reported on Vancouver radio TEAM 1040, assistant coach Ryan Walter has retained counsel in his dismissal from the Canucks, as he has made it clear that he did not volunteer to leave.

Seems to me that the power play unit was just doing fine, thank you very much, as the ‘Nucks finished sixth in the NHL.

What is obvious to most of the ‘Nucks Nation is the erosion of the penalty kill, which has fallen from first (2006-07) to 14th, 16th, and 18th in the respective seasons since then.

It doesn’t make sense that Walters would be replaced by Brown, who looked after the forwards and power play in Anaheim.

Is this the sacrificial lamb for the poor penalty kill, and if so, didn’t the Canucks offer up the wrong subject?

Of course GM Mike Gillis has said that he will not discuss the subject because it is an internal matter.

Look for this to possibly come out in a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

Another item that doesn’t sit well with a number of people is the termination of long time (30 years) colour man Tom Larscheid from TEAM 1040 radio.

As everyone knows, Larscheid was never one to shy away from telling it like it is. It didn’t matter whether it was the team captain, the special teams, the Canucks, or the food at Rogers Arena.

The word is that Larscheid was also forced out the door, rather than deciding to leave on his own.

Replacing him will be Dave Tomlinson, who was being groomed for the position at TEAM 1040.  Talk about someone that is drab and unexciting to listen to.

This is Larscheid’s replacement?

Let’s see how many people leave the television sound down and the radio up now?

Looks like Gillis is flexing his Presidential and General Manager’s muscles in all areas of the Canucks organization.

Willie Mitchell, who looks like he will return to hockey this year, has said Vancouver is one of four teams for which he would be interested in playing.

Does this make sense with a team that already has nine D-men under contract and is $2.6 million over the salary cap?

Granted, if healthy, Mitchell is surely a huge upgrade over either Aaron Rome or Andrew Alberts.

Now if they can sign Mitchell to a salary comparable to either of them, and with Sami Salo definitely out till who knows when, that would add significant depth at the back end.

The contract would most likely contain a performance bonus to bump it up if Mitchell played x number of games, a top plus/minus rating, etc.

Look for the Canucks to carry nine D-men this season, as management has seen too many season endings and playoffs where the defense looks like a combination of the farm team and a few regulars.

That constant drone caused by the vuvuzelas during soccer’s World Cup has been banned from a number of sports and venues: the English Premier League, World Basketball championship, UFC, and Rugby just to name a few. How soon will it be before the NHL will have to be added to the growing list?

You know that sooner or later someone, or a group of people, will show up either during the regular or playoffs with this noise-maker in their hands, which should go over well for the fan(s) sitting in front of this ear splitting racket.

The Injury to Sami Salo must be a first, in that he made it on to the injury list and it was only July!

A little over a month to training camp. Where oh where did the summer go?


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