Penguins' Fans Have Spoken: Experiencing the Evolution Poll Results

WoooooSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2008

At Experiencing the Evolution, my Pittsburgh Penguins blog, a series of five poll questions have been posted for the previous two weeks. The results are in, Penguins' fans have spoken, and here's what they said...

Poll #1: Will Janne Pesonen make a significant impact for the Penguins next season?
Yes- 21 votes (70%)
No- 9 votes (30%)
Total votes: 30

Poll #2: Who will enjoy more success with the Penguins?
Miroslav Satan- 24 votes (86%)
Ruslan Fedotenko- 3 votes (10%)
Eric Godard- 1 vote (4%)
Total votes: 28

Poll #3: Will Marian Hossa win the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings next season?
Yes- 1 vote (2%)
No- 8 votes (23%)
Hossa's a Tool- 25 votes (75%)
Total votes: 34

Poll #4: Which departed Penguin was the hardest to watch go?
Ty Conklin- 1 vote (2%)
Adam Hall- 1 vote (2%)
Gary Roberts- 8 votes (21%)
Ryan Malone- 9 votes (23%)
Marian Hossa- 9 votes (23%)
Jarkko Ruutu- 10 votes (26%)
Total votes: 38

Poll #5: How many goals will Ryan Malone score for the Lightning next season?
Less than 15- 11 votes (31%)
15-20 goals- 21 votes (60%)
20-29 goals- 3 votes (8%)
30+ goals- 0 votes
Total votes: 35

So, what can we conclude about the results? Well, first of all, there seems to be high expectations for Janne Pesonen as we approach the 2008-09 season.

Secondly, the general consensus of the fans seems to be that Miro Satan was the Penguins' best offseason pickup. Matt Cooke wasn't included in the poll, but he most likely won't put up better offensive statistics than either Satan or Fedotenko (hopefully) will.

The "no's" outnumbered the "yes's" in the poll about whether Hossa will win the Cup with the Wings next season. However, the majority of Penguin fans seem to agree that Hossa is indeed a tool.

The Penguins lost a lot of players this offseason. Gary Roberts and Ryan Malone were equally hard to watch as they left the 'Burgh for what will likely be the final time in their careers. But, the departure of Jarkko Ruutu seems to have irked Penguins' fans collective chain the most.

Perhaps Ruutu's off-ice antics will be missed more than his play on the ice, but then again, he did score some clutch goals during the past two seasons, and who can forget his patented "back-foot-kick-fake-forehand-backhand-deke" in the shootout?

No one cares about Adam Hall.

The majority of fans expect Bugsy to slow his pace from last year for the Pens, scoring between 15 and 20 goals next year in Tampa Bay.

Tomorrow is August....we're getting closer.

Be sure to check out Experiencing the Evolution for the next round of poll questions.