Vancouver Canucks Coaching Staff Awaiting Change

Joseph Trenton@@TrentonNHLCFLAnalyst IIIAugust 2, 2010

VANCOUVER, BC - MAY 1:  Assistant coach Rick Bowness of the Vancouver Canucks looks on against the Anaheim Ducks in Game Four of the 2007 Western Conference Semifinals at General Motors Place on May 1, 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Ducks won 3-2 in overtime. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

The Canucks have generated noise in the NHL Free Agency season, but they have been silent to a fault this off-season in terms of their coaching staff for the coming 2010-2011 season.

Canucks staff from last season:

Head Coach: Alain Vigneault

Associate Coach: Rick Bowness

Assistant Coaches: Ryan Walter, Darryl Williams

Goaltender Consultant: Ian Clark

This much we know. Early this spring, Canucks GM Mike Gillis extended his offers to his assistant coaches. However, there was no announcement after these offers being put on the table. The Canucks lost to the Blackhawks in the second round for the second year in a row, and it disappointed all of Vancouver.

Today, I can report to you that Mike Gillis will make changes to his coaching staff for the new season. Associate coach, Rick Bowness, is expected to return as the right-hand man to Alain Vigneault once again. Vigneault himself was extended for three more years last September, and we will see him behind the bench until 2012-2013 season or earlier. Bowness is the major piece of AV's puzzle, and if Bowness leaves, that means AV's job becomes insecure. Expect Bowness to continue on and work with the Canucks defensive system and penalty killing unit.

Roland Melanson was brought into the Canucks staff, because the Canucks wanted to find a new coach that will get Roberto Luongo mentally and emotionally charged up before each game. Looking back, Ian Clark is arguably one of the best, if not the best, technical goalie coaches in the NHL today. However, the Canucks saw Luongo's game decline slightly, not because of his technique, but rather his mental aspect of the game; therefore, the Canucks are trying to see what Rollie brings to the team.

Ryan Walter, an assistant coach of the Canucks who was brought in last summer, is on his way out--according to Dan Murphy of Rogers Sportsnet Pacific. It is not yet determined what the future holds for Ryan Walter, but I fully expect Ryan to remain on the Canucks in some capacity. Ryan Walter was an ex-Canuck, holds a Masters Degree in Leadership, and is also one of the nicest guys in the NHL.

There is a rumoured coaching candidate who is in talks with Mike Gillis about joining the Canucks for 2010-2011 season; however, all is very quiet with how they are progressing. Also, Darryl Williams, the video coach should return to duty next season too.

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