Leadership group for the new & improved Jackets

Bethany PCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

We all are aware of who our Captain will be the coming season (and probably the next fifteen or so also).  But, what is up in the air, is the Alternate Captains, or the A’s as I will probably refer to them on this blog, because I am lazy.  Last season was crazy, losing our Captain, losing Feds who was an A, losing Shelley, and then this off season losing David Vyborny.  So, who is going to be spotted sporting the A’s come October?  Well, here are a few guesses.

Michael Peca ~ Peca is  *in my opinion* one of the best leaders we have.  He plays hard every time he skates onto the ice, he is always talking to his teammates, and the officials, and he tries to make everyone better.

Rostislav Klesla ~ Rusty was also spotted wearing the A a few times last season.  He is starting to come into his own and really make his presence known in the locker room.  We have Rusty under contract until the end of the 2009-2010 season.

Mike Commodore ~ A new edition to the Blue Jackets, but I wouldn’t be surprised if later on in the season he get’s an A.  I know don’t think the Blue Jackets will pull an Islanders and give someone a letter before he even gets to know his teammates.  One thing Commodore brings to the table is his experience.  He went to game 7 with Calgary, and won the Stanley Cup in Carolina.  Good on him.

Freddy Modin ~ He has a Stanley Cup ring, and is a quiet example on the ice.  I can’t think of much else, he didn’t play very much last season…and I can’t remember back far enough…oops.

Manny Malhotra ~ Manny, may be a third line grinder type, but, you know deep down he has that powerful leadership quality that is just itching to come out.  Besides, when he was drafted weren’t the Rangers hoping for the next Messier?

RJ Umberger ~ The OSU alum will come out of the woodwork, and be a phenominal leader for the Blue Jackets.  I felt it in my bones, for whatever reason, when I watched this video.