NHL Buzz: Monday, July 19

Todd CordellCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2010

For today's edition of NHL Buzz, I am answering fans' questions about rumors they want to hear about.


Q: MuSigma45 @ToddNHL any news on Paul Kariya?

A: Hearing he has not made his decision if he wants to return or not but if he does, Pittsburgh and Anaheim are possible destinations.

Q: Cayley77 @ToddNHL Any news on Marc Savard...What's the asking price?

A: Bruins are still shopping him, sounds like the asking price is not very high, maybe a cheap roster player and a pick/prospect.

Q: RonnieTheStar @ToddNHL -Any news on the Leaf front? Trade Rumors Etc....

A: Now that Kovalchuk has signed, more teams are interested in Tomas Kaberle. It is believed six teams are interested at this point with that number expected to grow.

Q: andyveilleux @ToddNHL any idea if Colorado is poised to make any big moves? They have an insane amount of salary cap space. What will Mueller re-sign for?

A: I don't see any big moves coming, their main goals right now are to sign a depth player or two and re-sign their RFA's.

Q: MVikes88 @ToddNHL Anything on the Sharks?

A: They are looking for a top-four defenseman, Kevin Bieksa and Tomas Kaberle are names that have come up.

Q: DCSHOCKER @ToddNHL Anything out of Oil Country?

A: Still looking for a depth player or two, but aside from that not much.

Q: RaihanH @ToddNHL so who are the Leafs targeting for Kaberle, players not teams?

A: They are not targeting anyone, they are taking offers not sending offers out.

Q: SensDew19 @ToddNHL anything new on Savard or Price?

A: On Savard, they are trying to get rid of his salary and may deal him for a cheap roster player and a pick/prospect. As for Price, he is believed to be asking for $3.5-4 million per season.

This concludes today's edition of NHL Buzz, enjoy!


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