NHL Buzz: Wednesday, July 14th

Todd CordellCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2010

There are a lot of rumors flying around the NHL right now. Here is what I have heard.

One source has told me that the New York Islanders are considering sending an offer sheet to Blackhawks goaltender Antti Niemi. I can't confirm this, but it makes sense as the Islanders would get a very good young goaltender for the future and add a pretty big name to the team which would help sell tickets. Like I said, I can't confirm this, but it makes sense.

UPDATE: If a player files for arbitration an offer sheet can not be placed on the player and Niemi has done that so an offer sheet is no longer possible.

The Sharks and Stars are also very interested in Tomas Kaberle. Like I have said several times the Devils or Kings will be interested once Kovalchuk signs, however, if Kovalchuk were to sign with the Devils they would not have the cap space to acquire him so the Kings would be a more likely candidate.

Nothing new to report on Kovalchuk, Kings and Devils are still the main teams interested. However, the Ducks could make a play for him on a short term contract as they have a ton of cap space.

According to the Washington Post, the Capitals' 2009 first round draft pick Marcus Johansson believes he can make the team as the Capitals second line center.

I continue to hear that the Rangers, Penguins, and Sabres are interested in Alex Frolov, but they are all scared off by Frolov's asking price.

This concludes today's edition of NHL Buzz, enjoy!

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