New Jersey Devils: A Look at Their Offseason Acquisitions so Far

Todd CordellCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2010

Today, I am going to take a look at the New Jersey Devils offseason acquisitions so far.



The Devils went out and traded for the Predators' former captain, Jason Arnott. Arnott will add instant depth to the center position, and by adding Arnott, the Devils added another big body up front who has offensive ability and can provide veteran leadership.



The Devils added two very good defenseman in Anton Volchenkov and Henrik Tallinder. As all of you know, Volchenkov is a big, hard-hitting defenseman who will block any puck coming his way and will give a 110-percent effort night in night out.

As for Tallinder, they brought him in to be another steady veteran defenseman and help out the younger players. Most people overlook the fact that Tallinder played with Tyler Myers a lot last season with the Sabres and was really a key factor in Myers' quick and steady development. If prospect Alex Urbom does make the team, they are hoping Tallinder will mentor him as he did Myers.



The Devils went out and got a legitimate backup goaltender for Marty Brodeur in Johan Hedberg. Hedberg is expected to play between 15-20 games with the Devils, and with Hedberg, they know if Brodeur gets injured or needs some rest they have a reliable option in the crease.


This concludes my in depth look at the New Jersey Devils offseason acquisitions so far, enjoy!


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