2010 NHL Draft: The Things A GM Must Think About On Eve of Draft Day

Mike MacDonaldCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

Do you ever wonder what must be going through the mind of an NHL GM prior to the draft?

Its like cramming for an exam the night before, or something pretty close to it.

Each GM will be going through there lists and plans as they prepare for the 2010 NHL Entry Draft scheduled for Friday June 25, in Los Angeles, California.

The final interviews may be done, some not. Some interviews might be done twice, some not at all. Lists will be updated and blackberry's will be smoking.

No rest for the wicked, they say.

Months of planning and scheduling, conversations and rejections. Hours on the road and hours in the office — this is much more than a draft of amateur age players with dreams of NHL stardom. It's a pinnacle event that anything can happen with the intent of improving ones hockey club.

It's that final time everyone is together, like thanksgiving or Christmas, before the free agency period begins. Then each team will break away for the summer and regroup for another season.

Some will be successful here, others will not, and some will be left wondering what could have been. Only time will really tell.

The arena floor at Staple Center in LA will look like 30 small islands all looking to make life on their island better... 30 island leaders looking at all options in a quest of one prize.

You get the idea...

Although the Stanley Cup will not be won this weekend, it lays the ground work for those who do succeed.

It will be with great interest that I will be watching the Draft. If the events of the last few days are any indication it should be exciting times as a hockey fan.

There are some truly gifted players available for the draft.

Although it should be about them, sometimes is isn't. The business of hockey is just that, and it is a major component to a teams success.

Remember to support your team, be proud and give congratulations to these fine hockey players no mater where the future takes them.

Good luck to all draft eligible players, their families and friends.

What do you think your favorite teams GM is thinking on the eve of the draft? Could these be some of the things that he may be thinking?

Does he feel his team is in a good position to draft some top quality talent?

Is he thinking of a potential trade offer?

Is he preparing to make a trade offer?

Is there a player his club really likes?

Is there a player who didn't interview well?

Is there a player who interviewed very well?

Has he noticed a player he didn't before the interview?

Did he interview the right players?

What is Edmonton going to do?

What if Edmonton doesn't pick Taylor [Hall] or Tyler [Seguin]?

Are there players he believes will be under valued?

Does he believe he can improve his club now?

Does he believe he has to cut salary?

How much does he really value the draft?

Is he confident that his club will be better after the draft?

Has upper management ordered him to cut salary?

Has upper management encouraged him to spend more?

Just how tough are some of these decisions to make regarding these prospects?

Does he feel left out of trade talks?

Does he feel ready to drastically change someone's life?

Will any of my rivals make a big move?

Will our scouts be prepared for the later rounds?

Do I trade my picks now for established players?

Is my phone charged?

Did I bring everything I need?

Can we make a big splash and shock everyone?

I need more picks.

I need to move up our draft order now before someone else does.

I can't wait for "so and so" to call back; let's call "so and so" and see if that offer is still there.

Can I afford to trade down in the draft?

Can will make a final decision?

Are you sure we can fit that salary under the cap?

I can't believe we traded him.



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