Hockey Hall Of Fame Reaches an All Time Low

Kyle HollandCorrespondent IJune 22, 2010

The Hockey Hall of Fame has performed what many people in today's culture describe as an EPIC FAIL!

Most likely everyone thought that Joe Nieuwendyk, who reached his first year of eligibility to be inducted, would have his name selected this afternoon.

However, somehow the three-time Stanley Cup champion, Conn Smythe winner in 1999, a guy who has scored 564 goals and 1126 points, along with a gold medal in 2002, was passed over. Somehow Joe couldn't get 14 out of 18 votes. But Dino Ciccarrelli did, a man who has never won the Cup, never performed well in the playoffs, never was considered one of the best at his position in any period during his generation. Along with the allegations of indecent exposure and other off ice incidents, Dino found his way in, while Nieuwendyk has to wait another year.

Another man left off this list, who should've been inducted a long time ago, is Doug Gilmour. I have to wonder if "Killer" has done anything to at least five of the 18 voters to again be passed over. Doug Gilmour is ranked 7th all-time in the playoffs and led Calgary to its lone Stanley Cup, and later revitalized hockey in Toronto, which is like winning a Cup all in itself.

Dino scored most of his points in a very open-ice era. He reached the 50 goal plateau twice, but there were plenty of players people probably never heard of that scored 50 goals in the early eighties. Nieuwendyk never scored more than 100 points in his career, but he played his heart out and came up big when it mattered. Dino never did that for any of the teams he played for. Nieuwendyk was one of the best centers in the 90's.

Even with all his injuries and career cut short, I'd put Pavel Bure ahead of Dino because at least Bure was considered one of the best right wingers of his era. Bure never once had a star center passing him the puck when he led the NHL in goals in 93, 94, 99, and 2000.

I'm not saying Dino doesn't deserve it, but how does he get 14 out 18 votes and Nieuwendyk and Gilmour don't?

Another man left off was Pat Burns, which will be a travesty if he dies from cancer before next year's selections. He will be inducted one day, so why not put him in this year ahead of Jim Devellano and Daryl Seaman. Devellano deserved his selection by setting up Detroit for all its fortune these past 20 years. But Seaman getting in ahead of Burns seems sickening.